The Ritual Rosebud Woman Gift Set

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This is a stunning gift, no doubt about it. From the unboxing- the slow slide off of the linen textured sleeve, the thick inner box, the radiant, heavy glass, the refreshing colors - to the surprise. What is this?

These, my friend, are potions and unguents of desire, created to connect you with your feminine beauty and the awesome creative power of your body.

Maybe you will first notice the beautiful, generous jar of Honor, our Everyday Balm. You will set this on your night table and use it to heal, repair, and moisturize your intimate parts, while your body tells you how wonderful it feels.

Or maybe you will pause at Soothe, our Calming Cream. You’ll open the tube and put a little on your hand, and ooh and ahh at the richness of its texture. It’s formulated with Arnica, Calendula, Comfrey, and other herbs that will calm any redness or swelling, cooling and easing overheated skin.

When you see the word Arouse and read we call it a Stimulating Serum, you might get a little jolt of sexiness. You open the bottle, drop a little on your fingertips, and test it on your lips. That’s when you feel the Buzz Buttons, Damiana, Maca, Ashwagandha, and Suma get to work. Your lips plump and tingle, and you might even salivate: it feels like little champagne bubbles popping in your mouth!

And now that you have a little more heat in your body, how about Refresh? This Cleansing Spray has just enough tea tree and lavender (and a touch of hydrogen peroxide) to keep unwanted or excess bacteria out of your vaginome. It’s delivered in a good feeling base of soothing witch hazel, aloe, and purified water - perfect to take on the go.

Whoever sent this gift to you are convinced that you are worthy of ALL OF THIS: Self- care, self-love, reverence for the feminine, more joy, less suffering.

Gift set, with full sizes of all four products, in a reusable keepsake gift box.

  • Transform your daily routine into a luxurious ritual.
  • Harness the power of your wholeness through radical self-care.
  • Reclaim the rightness of your divine feminine.


Each of our products is designed for specific times in a women's day, month and life cycle.