DuCare Vegan Blush Brush



A cruelty free makeup brush the perfect size for on the go. A handle that is made with sustainable bamboo and fits into most makeup bags. 
  • Angled Blush/Contour Brush: Highlight just the right places to enhance your look. The densely packaged soft bristles of this angled brush easily contours facial features. Use this brush to apply blush to your cheekbone, contour the hollow of your cheeks and add highlights above.
  • treated with a cutting-edge antimicrobial technology, that keeps brushes fresher for longer and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It comes with a high quality leather case.

    Each of these professional-quality brushes is treated with a non-toxic, hypoallergenic compound that attacks and destroys harmful bacteria. The soft, synthetic fibers distribute just the right amount of pigment for a perfect result every time.
    1. If it's a brush you use daily, we recommend washing it weekly with soft soap warm water.
    2. Lather the bristles with Brush Shampoo and rinse under water until the water runs clear.
    3. Try not to fully submerge the base of the bristles in water or your cruelty-free bristles may detach from the form.
    4. After rinsing, smooth brush head back into original form and lay flat to dry.
    5. Let dry overnight and wake up to a refreshed brush for your morning makeup routine!

    Bristle: brown synthetic hair
    Ferrule: shiny gold aluminum
    Handle:  Bamboo

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