What We Do - 

We bring wellness back into beauty. Non-toxic ingredients means a healthier body, and life. Finding makeup and skin care brands that care through their ingredient choices to their performance. Feel good - look good. 

How We Do It - 

We like to research and read labels. We want to relieve you of what we have deemed "label reading fatigue". We scope out the brands first. Check their ingredients and if they pass the test - they land on our shelves. 

Why - 

We believe in wellness for beauty. When products positively impact your health while helping you feel absolutely gorgeous then it's a win for real beauty. 

  From foundation to nail polish we thrice check our brands for non-toxic ingredients. 

FIRST STOP - THINKDIRTY app. scan, review, approve

SECOND - EWG.org/SKINDEEP scan, review, approve

THIRD - RESEARCH ingredients and products no in the data base



be pure beauty purity rating

 RELATIONSHIP -  We like to know our brands, their heart, their message. It all has to align. We love trends but we have to make sure we can be brand besties. 

We celebrate beauty from natural to glam it's all for the fun of feeling feminine.