What your perfume and your toilet bowl cleaner have in common-synthetic scents

When you apply that dab of perfume on the wrists or near the ear lobe the last image in your mind is one of your toilet and how good it smells. Yet some of the same chemical combinations used in your favorite perfume are also used in the blue stuff you just squirted into your toilet to clean and refresh it. "Oh mon cheri."

 The fact that a $150 perfume from the department store and $8 bowl cleaner have a fragrance in common is mind bending. Unless you develop fragrances in a lab for your profession, this shared chemical compound would seem repulsive if more widely known. The majority of synthetics are made from petrochemicals. The term fragrance on a product label is a catchall for hundreds of chemical combinations that make up a synthetic musk. Have you ever gotten a headache from being around a heavily perfumed person? This is because these synthetic "perfumes" contain endocrine disrupting compounds, and are also very damaging to our nervous system based on studies from Environmental Working Group findings of undisclosed chemicals in several fragrances. 

So why can the fragrance industry get away with such nonsense? First - It's unregulated. Second - many noses are de-sensitized to the real scents from flowers, herbs, and other natural ingredients that make up a natural clean fragrance because we have grown up and around the synthetics in everything from coffee to our laundry detergent. So sadly it can be hard for most noses to know the difference between a cheaply made synthetic and the real deal. 

Why would using synthetic fragrances matter to us anyway? 

One great resource and a more entertaining way to become more aware of the chemicals that make up the majority of our fragranced clothes, perfumes, cleaners, air fresheners, etc... is to watch the documentary 'Stink'   by  Jon J. Whelan

This film follows a father of two girls on a journey to better understand the chemical fragrance industry, why these fragrances are everywhere, and what to do to regulate the ones that have known endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. 

So what fragrances are actually the real deal? One's created with essential oils. There are many being made today that are high quality and well worth the money. 

Here are a few companies making some serious headway with the completely natural perfumes. 

  • Free of petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, silicone, synthetic dyes, sulfates, and parabens

1- LURK http://www.lurkmade.com/collections/perfume-oils




4 - Herban Cowboy 


 Choosing an essential oil based perfume, blending your own, or going fragrance free is a safer option and a guaranteed way to avoid the embarrassing scent of literal "l'eau de toilette" unless of course your natural toilet cleaner contains essential oils or tea tree and lemon grass... 

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