Top Three Skin Care Questions Answered

I love the challenges of skin and the questions I get from clients about skin care and makeup. As a skin therapist I wanted to highlight and address the top three questions I hear the most so you can put down the beauty magazines and have some clarity on skin.  


  1. Q - Should I use soap (like the bar in my shower or on my bathroom counter) on my face -                                                                                                                    A - No. Next….Actually let me expand on why. These soaps are not formulated for the skin on the face. When you wash your face with your bar soap, shampoo, or hand soap you are stepping the natural sebum barrier that protects and keeps your skin supple and happy. What do I recommend - Cream cleansers, Oil Cleansing, or even plain water and a wash cloth. 

skin care questions answered 

2.  Q - Should I moisturize in the morning and at night? 

      A -Yes! In the morning after cleansing, it’s important to give your skin some nourishing and protection for the day ahead. Not only will it keep it looking more youthful over time, it will also allow your makeup to go on smoothly and look fresh. Putting makeup on dry skin is never a good game plan. 


At night, it’s important to hydrate and give the skin all the nutrients it needs to do the repair work from the sun and environmental damage of the day. So it’s very beneficial to use your serums and hard working creams at night for the most effective results. 


3.   Q - What order should I put on my skin care regime? 

      A - Cleanse




           Eye Cream



While many of us would like to just mix it all together and put it on at once, it more beneficial to allow the serum a minute or two to absorb into the skin, then moisturize. Go make your coffee, and then apply your makeup. It’s best to wait and let your skin care penetrate the skin before starting your foundation, especially if you want your foundation to look flawless. 



If in doubt it’s always best to ask and seek advice. Cycling through skin care and products without a system can lead to confusion (random throwing away of awesome products) and frustration (as in "I never want to see another skin cream again!") with the efficacy of the products. So before you get to that point, drop me an email, I always love a good skin care case. Of course I love a good skin care question, so never hesitate to reach out. 

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