Wedding season is in full swing by the month of may with bridal up-do's set and  makeup ready, the brides are floating down the isle. Even with everything planned down to the minute and having a wedding planner to help with the details, the day of the wedding is stressful. In my 10+ years of styling I have met one bride who didn’t started yogic breathing until right before she put her dress on. Knowing what bridal style mistakes to avoid ahead of time will lend you some stress relieving leverage for other mishaps - like a botched toast by the best man, or the flower girl tripping. Even my own wedding had a hair mishap that I wish I had the foresight to avoid. So, after years of styling brides and their parties for weddings, I have compiled the top four styling mistakes to avoid so your wedding day can feel like you have effortless glam and photos of your look for you to cherish. 

1. Underwhelming Hair and Makeup - Many women love to have a low key look throughout the week and maybe add eyeliner for a night out. When it comes to their wedding day they are afraid of wearing too much. If you place yourself in the hands of a well meaning cosmetics counter rep on your big day you might find yourself with an overdone look. However on your wedding day when you want to look and feel your most lovely, be sure to find a quality hair and makeup stylist that you have had a trial with. 


2. Following Trendy Styles - Flower crowns are so pretty as are side buns, but be sure that you have a grasp on what the final look will be with your dress veil and jewelry. You don't want to have an elegant form fitting gown with vintage glam jewelry and then get sidetracked by that Pinterest photo of the Boho bride with the flower crown that doesn't go with your look. Be sure to try on all of your accessories when you have your hair and make up trial as well as a photo of your gown for the stylist to see. That will help you both match your hair and makeup to your dress and accessories.

If you just had to go Boho and ordered a flower crown from the florist, know that without giving specific direction on what flowers would be appropriate for the hair style or if it fits with your veil, you could end up with a large bloom disaster on your head. I have cut and pulled flowers that arrived from the florist with huge blooms and succulents for brides who were desperate for it to work.  

 Bridal Flower Crowns

3. Last Minute Changes - The day of the wedding is stressful enough. You may find yourself overthinking last minute details. This is not the time to change your hair and makeup look, especially if you have had a trial first to confirm it’s the style you want. You wouldn’t want feel rushed through first look photos or the joy of putting on your dress because the new style took more time than planned.


4. Mismatched Expectations - Pinterest is an awesome resource for finding style inspirations for hair and makeup. Know some of those celebrity looks can be very deceiving. What many women don’t know when they see those clean yet slammed up celebs with sultry eyes on the red carpet, that those looks have plenty of makeup and bright lights that give the celebs the most flawless look possible for their stop and shoots. They also have enhancements like false eyelashes that are a game changer for a look. Be sure to research styles that fit your hair length your color pallet, and your personal style. If you choose to forgo lashes or the eyeliner on the bottom you may not get the look you were going for, and may feel under-whelmed with your end result, or on the opposite end you may be overwhelmed by your makeup feeling over the top. Be a little daring and give the stylist your trust. However, also never be afraid to give honest and constructive feedback. If there is something you don’t love speak up. Be sure to ask the stylist to take a photo in natural light. Once you have seen what it looks like in a photo you will get the best idea of what you will look like on your wedding day. No surprises. 

Now that you have some style tips to make achieving your ideal wedding look more effortless you can move onto finding the perfect "something blue", and your bridesmaids gifts. Getting ready for your wedding is a huge undertaking. Just remember that in the end - you are married! Enjoy the experience of planning, getting ready, and the mishaps. If you have any great or funny mishaps from your wedding, share below.