THEO Chocolate Mask - you can't help but fall in Love

THEO Chocolate Mask - you can't help but fall in Love

“Hello! I’m THEO. I’ve taken over all of the Be Pure Beauty blog and social feed to introduce myself to you! 

I’m sweet on your skin.” 


Okay, THEO thank you for the intro! Stop taking over my social media feed! 


I am so thrilled to announce that we have THEO. The first in skincare in our Be Pure Beauty family. 


From a passion for theobroma cacao and it’s healing benefits, whether eaten for pleasure or applied to the skin for the fatty acids and theobromine - THEO was born. It’s a little mischievous and super sweet. You can't help but fall in love, it’s the new green monster mask, but it’s entirely edible. Go ahead take a little taste while THEO works magic on your skin. 


My passion for chocolate began in my 20’s and anyone that knows me well, knows it’s my daily boost. My choice for a pick me up over coffee. Now that I’ve gotten to know it’s origins, it’s medicinal benefits, and how it’s processed, I am confident in it as the key ingredient to the THEO mask with the other super fabulous ingredients that will make your skin scream more, please!


Once you THEO you will glow! I had to try out this product in different combinations to come to the best recipe for balanced, glowing skin. What does this? First, the Theobroma which translated from the greek name “food of the gods”.  God gave us this incredible bean - that can be roasted, ground, tempered, mixed with sugar and made into incredibly delicious chocolate. Or just fermented and heated to make raw cacao which is what is in THEO. Theobromine has similar properties to caffeine and aids firming as well as in reducing redness and puffiness. So after you THEO you will see a happier glow to your skin. Since it’s only 6 organic ingredients it’s totally edible. 


What are these fabulous glow-getter ingredients?


Organic Raw Cocoa Powder - or THEO for the theobromine that has antioxidants, and caffeine that helps the skin fight inflammation


Organic Cold Pressed Fair Trade Coconut Oil - with fatty acids retain moisture to keep it hydrated and protected, and the capris acid that is anti-fungal antimicrobial. So for inflamed breakouts from hormones or rosacea, it’s an incredibly powerful ingredient. It also has vitamin E to smooth and protect. 


Local Wildflower Honey - Honey is amazing. Of course, it’s delicious but it’s also moisturizing, protecting, and full of antioxidants. Did I mention it’s amazing for acne? 


Organic Sweet Almond Oil - Almond oil is rich in vitamin A, E and B as well as Oleic and Linoleic essential fatty acids.


Organic Lavender- For it’s calming, cleansing, and anti-inflammatory effects. So if you happen to get some on your lips, you might just feel a little more peaceful. 

THEO is special to us because it's fair-trade, cruelty-free and organic. We want to make sure that the ingredients come from farms that pay ethical living wages, and we pay attention to where they are coming from. coming soon. It's our way of taking responsibility for what matters most -  people.

 So get ready to pre-order. THEO is coming soon!