The Super Powers of Lavender

Lavender’s Super Powers in Your Skin Care


My first understanding of the Lavender plant was that it was a dried herb to go in a sachet and keep somewhere in the lingerie drawer. Then I saw a huge photo of the plant in a field and I was inspired. I browsed through my local co-op and found Lavender Oil and bought some for the bath, but still didn’t understand it’s super powers. It seems almost strange to have been so disconnected from this amazing botanical, but I wasn’t raised with a knowledge of herbs and botanicals. Now I see it in my skin care, makeup, and hair care. I constantly put it on my skin neat and use it in my diffuser. 


So I have to highlight how amazing it is for the ingredient of the week. 


Science stuff first - Lavender or Lavandula is a part of the mint family, and is used in cosmetics for antiseptic and anti-inflammitory properties. 


Just smelling the essential oil of lavender has amazing calming properties for the nervous system. I love it for soothing headaches, and rub it on the bottom of my feet when I have a fever. I love diffusing it in my Young Living Dew Drop diffuser before bed to relax and get extra sleepy. 


So what is lavender in? 


My favorite facial oil Acure’s Seriously Glowing Serum mixed with rosemary, borage, and pumpkin seed oil, it gives the skin a calming and regenerative blend. 


Lavender is also found in our makeup line 100% Pure Mascara which is wonderful when I think of all the mascaras that have ingredients that irritate the eyes. The lavender can help soothe eyes that have long been irritated by the chemicals and fragrances of the synthetic cosmetics worn. 


If you are a DIY kind of girl you can use pure Argan or Marula oil and blend one drop to one pump of oil together and apply to the skin for an instant skin soother and smoother. Make sure to review the ways to use essential oils safely before applying or mixing so you don't end up with too much or causing skin irritation. See guide below. Young Living


Lavender is amazing as a hair tonic. Found in many shampoos it’s very beneficial to the scalp. Blend with coconut oil, and rosemary essential oil for a hair mask that can revitalize a dry angry scalp. 


Mix with himalayan salt and distilled water in a spritzing bottle for a hair potion that will leave your hair shiny happy and bouncy. 


A note on quality lavender essential oil. Be sure you purchase lavender essential oil from a trusted source that does not use alcohols or petroleums in the essential oil. Young Living has really gone above and beyond with their farming and distilling of their essential oils and being transparent about where their oils are sourced from so I feel confident recommending them. You can order a started kit that includes the Lavender here. The lavender is exquisite, like none other I have smelled before. 


Tell me if you have any favorite ways to use Lavender.  


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