A common thing I hear from women is that they quit wearing makeup because they can’t get it to look like they are wearing any by the end of the day, and it has all worn off. There is a very simple solution to this that is so user friendly. 


Finishing powder!  

Finishing powder from Alima Pure
















Before I tell you what this is or how to use is lets asses the situation -


Here is what normally happens. Many of us want to have the “no makeup look” and end up putting on the bare minimum - concealer, eye shadow on unprimed eyes, mascara, and lip gloss. It looks great when we have our last look in the mirror before we head out, but by the time we get to the office it has already begun to wear off because the natural sebum on our skin is breaking it down. So by lunch time, we may feel like we are barely wearing anything, and by dinner, our mascara is down around the tired circles under our eyes, furthering the “tired look” effect. Did I just describe the situation correctly?


Other common side effects of this situation may include - lack of desire to wear makeup. Frustration at all beauty products, purchasing more products by different brands thus adding to the clutter of the already black hole of a  makeup drawer, or giving up on makeup all together. 



Prescription - Finishing Powder (other wise known as setting powder)


So what to do with this stuff?


First let’s walk through the basics of applying makeup so tomorrow it’s a bright new day of wearing your makeup well, with the pleasant side effect of it looking incredible all day - or at least until dinner time. 


  1. Moisturize - applying makeup to un-moisturized or dare I say dirty skin, can lead to it looking cakey and flaky. To avoid this make sure you have a moisturizer that meets your skin types needs.
  2. Apply your foundation first. (preferably with a brush like this)  With liquid foundations you want to apply it in places where you need less coverage that you would with concealer. Buffing on foundation in a circular motion will ensure a smooth even coverage. 
  3. Concealer - Once you have your foundation on you can go back with concealer and touch up under the eyes and over the top of blemishes. Again, a brush is great to get precise application and proper blending. 
  4. Prime your eye lids. This is a perfect use for concealer. If you don't prime the lids and go straight for eyeshadow, your eye makeup won’t last longer than your coffee takes to get cold. So PRIME. It also allows the colors to look more vibrant. Note - You must use a base color on your lids that is close to neutral or lighter, then the darker colors. 
  5. Apply your blush and or bronzer - Don’t forget to add color back into your look so you have a balanced tone. Putting a touch of your blush color on the center of our lid will make such a difference in balancing out your overall glow! For real!
  6. Now Pause - Time for finishing powder. “Wait” you say - “ what about my mascara?” Just wait...
  7. Finishing powder- this will work to set your foundation and concealer, but you don’t want to get it on a fresh coat of mascara, so be sure to lightly dust it under your eyes to help the raccoon eyes issue, and anywhere you tend to get oil or notice your makeup disappearing too quickly. Here are two we love kieko finishing powderbamboo blur finishing powder
  8. Mascara and Lips - Wiggle and pull as you apply your mascara to be sure you coat your lashes well (no need for droopy mascara face here - your mascara will go on great without this hilarious face) YOU ARE DONE! 


Yay! Natural makeup perfection without over or under doing it. You will get so many compliments on how fresh you look and hardly anyone will know the reason why. 


Message me or leave a comment if you assistance on any of the steps on your application, and what products work best! 


Happy flawless makeup day!