The Natural Healing Powers of Elderberry

Beauties, what do you know about the superfruit elderberry? I knew very little before sitting down to research this blog post. But after doing a little reading up on this amazing natural immune booster, I'm amazed this treasure has been off my radar for so long - I wish I had heard about it years ago - who knew it is also grown locally in North Carolina! 

If you're in the dark, like I was, allow me to enlighten you with a few fun facts about this super-powered fruit!

Elderberries are rich an several types of flavonoids (plant pigments) containing powerful antioxidant properties. They've been purported to help with removal of free radicals from the system, translating into reduced signs of aging and fatigue to the skin.  According to an article by health expert Dr. Joshua Axe MD, elderberry has seven more superpowers, including encouraging healthy skin and aiding in easy allergy symptoms. 

(See:  Elderberry: Natural Medicine for Colds, Flus, Allergies & More )

From a nutritional standpoint, elderberries are rich in Vitamin C and contain moderate amounts of Vitamin B6 and Iron, obviously all crucial components to a balanced health profile.  When ingested in prepared forms like syrups, elderberries have been shown in multiple studies to reduce severity of symptoms and length of time when suffering from the flu. Some natural medicine practitioners even suggesting that elderberry syrup taken as a preventative measure is even more effective than getting a flu shot!


As flu season approaches, our favorite wellness blogger Wellness Mama has an incredible recipe for making your own at home and the many benefits.  Follow the link: How to Make Elderberry Syrup

(Potent Cold + Flu Remedy)

You can also try this experiment at home using this recipe from Real Food RN: Homemade Elderberry Syrup.  If you have little ones who need an immune boost this winter, here's another fun recipe from Wellness Mama for Elderberry Gummies: Flu Busting Gummy Bears

April loves the immune boosting zinc and Elderberry Lozenges made by Zand. She swears by them to keep her well during the season and bounces back from colds in a day or so rather than a week because of them! 

For skincare, mixtures made with elderberries and their flowers can be used topically to achieve a variety of benefits, including reducing redness and inflammation, soothing dry skin and improving eczema, and general evening of the complexion and healing of the skin's surface.  This is one of the reasons elderberry is one of seven carefully chosen ingredients in THEO

(the first healing skin therapy product in our new skincare line, Hidden Forest), as well as in the Healthy Flawless Skin Foundation we carry from 100% Pure!

Beauties, is elderberry a part of your natural wellness and skincare routines? We'd love to hear how you use it in the comments below!


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