How to Get the Smokey Eye Look with Natural Makeup

How to Get the Smokey Eye Look with Natural Makeup

We all love the idea of a smokey eye look for an evening out, but it can be daunting when we watch too many You-tube videos on how to. A common question I get is how to do a smokey eye, without it looking too dark. So I wanted to create a laid back version for my pure beauties. 


If you have been wanting to try out some Alima Pure Eyeshadows or you have always wanted that smokey eye - this is the perfect evening out look, without over doing it on the drama. 


I headed over to Primal Food and Spirit’s in South Durham with this look. They are right next to our beauty bar and the entire restaurant is gluten free! The only gluten in the restaurant is beer in a bottle. I have been gluten free for over five years, so this restaurant is a treat! Their meat dishes are delicious! 

April Manring at Primal Food and Spirit's. Summer smokey eye look tutorial 

For this look I used -


100% Pure Healthy Flawless Foundation in White Peach
100% Pure Healthy Flawless Powder Foundation in White Peach
100% Pure Cheek and Lip Tint in Peach Glow 

Alima Pure Manau Lao Bronzer


For the Laid Back Smokey Eyes


Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer in After Hours - Gently line the outer lash line at an angle towards the outer corner of the eyebrow. 


Alima Pure Natural Definition Eyeliner in Ink - Line the upper lid being sure to make the line higher at the outer corner of the lash line. Then continue to the water line and connect the upper line and lower lines. 


Alima Pure Satin Matte Shadow in Danube - Finishing the look by using this feather grey along the crease of the eye, and again aiming to the outer corner of the brows to create the nice arch to the shadow. 

For the lip color I used Alima Pure Blackberry, which is just right for a night out and doesn't feel like heavy lipstick in the summer.  

If you want a look that doesn't take a ton of time guessing on which colors might be perfect and also holds up to the summer heat, using the mineral eyeshadows is a great option. I have found that they stand up to the summer nights without getting creased and melting into the eyeliner. This look is a perfect mix of flirty, sultry, and laid back.


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