The Best Natural Mascara: For Longer Wear

There are two things I won't leave my house without. The first is my brows, and the second is Mascara. If I don't have mascara on it feels like the equivalent of not putting a bra on. I feel naked, and missing the lift it gives to my overall look. 

The hard part for all of us who run in the natural beauty world is finding one where the formula doesn't smudge or move, or worse end up on the top of the lid, or the corner of your eye at the lash line. 


best natural mascara

We love all of the mascaras we carry for different reasons, and each customers has their favorite, but this one is hands down the highest performer since Bad Gal Lash and Doir Show were in my makeup kit. 

My endless search for the perfect natural mascara is over. Alima Pure has nailed it friends - I can't even believe that I haven't wiped away a little black smudge from the corner of my eyes in three months. 

Alima Pure has hit the mark with this mascara. My first thought when I opened it and saw the skinny little wand was "that's so cute". This will give me lashes a little coating and then I'll be adding another mascara on top to add some volume. 

But then I put it on...and it was pure lash love! 

In just a few strokes my lashes were long, fully covered, and LUSH. My little one even touched them and asked if I had false lashes on. So I was impressed, but I had to continue the test drive for the day and see if it would stay put without too much extra effort to ensure I wouldn't end up with smudges. 

Fast forward to 4pm when I usually get a chance to check in on my makeup look and I stood in front of the mirror without perfect eye makeup. This felt like a revelation. How could I possibly have such luscious lashes and no smudges? Pure joy! 

Every time I put this on, I feel elated that I don't have to pull out all the stops on ensuring my mascara doesn't smudge. But in case you need them until you get your hands on this mascara here they are. 

1. Eye primer. Using this especially on oily lids will help keep the oil production at bay and keep your eye look in one place. 

2. Finishing powder under the lash line on the bottom and lightly dusted under the brow bone. 

3. Bone colored eyeshadow under the lash line in the outer corners of the eyes to finish after your eye look is completely done. Swiping up and towards the temples.

These three tricks alone or combined (depending on how smudgy your mascara is) will help you avoid the un intended raccoon "smokey eye" look ;)

As a makeup artist of 15 years, I have to do a jump for joy, and a skip of excitement that my beauty bag now has a top notch mascara for the clean beauty masses!  


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