Ethical Fashion Hero's - Meet Two Inspiring Women

Ethical Fashion Hero's - Meet Two Inspiring Women

How inspired am I today? I had to interrupt my normal posting schedule to write about the women I met today and have fallen in love with who they are and the kind of amazingness they are bringing to changing our culture. When I showed up for a podcast interview this morning I had no idea that I would get to meet these two amazing women. Em founder of The Flourish Market, a Sustainable and Eco Fashion company (with a fashion truck!) and Bethany founder of The Roots Collective. A sustainable fashion shoe company that manufactures the shoes in a slum of Guatemala City. 



These women reflect a decision to take responsibility for change in fashion and business that I made for Be Pure Beauty. The choice to seek out better companies and opportunities for change in making the items we purchase have purpose, sustainability, and creating sustainable livelihoods for those who make the products. 


So what makes these women and their companies so different?


Let’s start with Em Sexton of The Flourish Market. Starting with an adventure in Swaziland, Em choose to leave a high paying corporate job to start a fashion enterprise that would focus on alleviating poverty around the world. She founded The Flourish Market- an online retail company that purchases exclusively sustainable and fair trade items that are manufactured by people who live in countries where a having a dignified job and income can make an enormous impact on the local community. For the makers of the jewelry and clothing carried by Flourish the Fair trade wages is alleviating poverty. To take it one step further she designed a fashion truck to take to different places around the Raleigh / Durham area. I’m secretly jealous of the Fashion Truck, because before I opened our brick in mortar in Durham, I wanted a beauty truck, but quickly realized this option was a no go for makeup, because cosmetics need to be in a climate controlled environment or we would have a lot of melty lip sticks. 

Em of The Flourish Market

Check out her website and her about page for the beautiful items she carries. 

The Flourish Market - Sustainable Style

Now Bethany Tran, founder of The Root Collective. After a trip to Guatemala to visit friends she saw the poverty around her in the city slum. The gangs and violence that surround the slum are a huge issue due to the overwhelming poverty. Bethany decided that there was an opportunity for change in these peoples lives. She decided to set up a shoe manufacturing operation right there in the slum where people like Otto (shown in her video) are hand cutting the soles and fabric of the shoes she sells. The beautiful patterns on the shoes are hand woven by Mayan women with their looms. So what is the impact? Men who work making shoes for Bethany’s company are able to avoid street life because they make fair wages, this means safer streets and better home life. As this company grows, it spreads this kindness through the city and the world. As consumers see these beautiful shoes and understand how much difference it makes to purchase them, kindness spreads in our community. Bethany was thrilled to share this morning that her fall launch and her pre sale of shoes sold out in one day! So things are taking off for The Root Collective. 


Here is the link to the site and the amazing shoes!

the root collective website

the root collective shoes

As we recognize our purchasing power and how we need to be aware of how each purchase impacts our culture, community, and planet, we begin to desire the best for everyone - from the grower of the cotton we wear to the maker of the shoes on our feet. Choosing sustainable changes lives.