Sneak Peak at a my Daily Skincare Routine

In the daily grind of running a business, I could end up skimping on self care, and crash into bed. However, I have adopted a more mindful slow living approach to many parts of my life, and while I don't have a silver bowl filled with rose petals to splash gently on my skin every night...though I really should do that, I do find it vital to care for my skin now, rather than try to heal and repair when I am more mature. Though time feels spread thin, I love the minutes I get to spend caring for my face with the most nurturing oils. I also recognize that I wouldn't be much of a skin therapist if I didn’t care for my own body and face. 


So what does my own skin care routine look like?



Wash - 100% Pure Brightening Scrub and Mask

Tone - Herbivore Coconut + Rosewater Toner

Serum - 100% Pure Brightening Serum

Moisture - Prim Botanicals Potion # 1


In the mornings I let my serum absorb before I apply my Prim Potion. Then I let the potion absorb before I apply my makeup. 




Makeup Remover - Coconut + Olive Oil

Cleanse - Acure Mint Cream Cleanser

Tone - Herbivore Coconut + Rosewater

Treatment - Acure Radical Wrinkle Complex

Moisture - Herbivore Phoenix Oil 2-3 drops. 

extras - if my skin looks tired or needs a boost I add essential oils like Lavender from my Young Living Essential Oils Collection. 


In the evenings when I get home the first thing I want to do is take everything off! I find it important to protect the eyes so I remove my eye makeup with an oil first, and I avoid the eye area with my cleanser because of the mint. Again, I let my treatment absorb before applying my beloved Phoenix Oil which I aim to massage into the skin, but sometimes the best I can do is apply it and get my little one into bed. 



So there you have it. A skin therapists skin care routine. What is your routine, or how to might you want to adjust yours to better nurture your skin?

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