Shop Conscious - Why Making Sustainable Mindful Choices Changes the World

Shop Conscious - Why Making Sustainable Mindful Choices Changes the World


When we make new purchases for our beauty and lifestyle, how do we come to the final decision that we should buy before we are about to wave our I-phone/Apple Wallet over the Square, Shopkeep, checkout thing, or type in our credit card? Is there a process or does it usually come down to the “I just want it” mind set? We know the choices are almost limitless, so when we are ready to buy something how do we choose?


One option is to justify by saying the magic words “I need.” And then, it’s okay to go buy three chocolate bars, because I need it! 

 The other option is to make purchases that matter. 

Part of our logo at Be Pure Beauty is the slogan eco | conscious | clean.


We put that there as part of our intentional message. We make conscious decisions about what products we carry. We consider several parts before committing. We check into the ingredients, we verify they are cruelty free, we check for sustainable recycled packaging, and if the company is actively giving back. For us, making the commitment to curate products made only in the US, we know that it removes a lot of brand options out there. However it saves thousands of miles and millions of gallons of fossil fuels being burned to ship foreign products from around the world. To us, that is massive in the impact of preserving the planet we love. 


Making purchases that matter otherwise known as mindful or conscious shopping makes a bigger impact than just helping a small business, or giving back. There is a lot of positive impacts personally, and culturally that comes into play with conscious purchases. To encourage them further I want to map out 5 reasons to shop conscious. 



  1. Saving Money - When we begin to shop consciously we become mindful of what we are spending our dollars on. If the product in question does’t fit the values we have then we don’t buy it…most of the time. 


2.  Saving Natural Resources - Most companies that uphold the values of sustainability, and giving back are working within a broken industry to try and make conscious choices on their end. Wether their packaging comes from 100% recycled materials (saving trees) or they are sourcing ingredients in a fair trade and sustainable manner (helping people and the eco system) Companies like The Root Collective are massively changing lives in broken areas of the world by providing sustainable jobs in every part of their beautiful shoes manufacturing process. From the shoes material that is hand woven by the Guatemalan women, to the soles hand glued by the men in the same community. The impact on the local economy is tremendous in keeping young men out of gangs, and giving women back their culture and ability to work for fair wages. 


3.  Less Stuff - We all know the anxiety having “too much” brings when it’s time to sift through it all, and the things we bought on impulse, but don’t really care for or use. Shopping consciously means we can sift through a lot of impulse choices before we make them, as well as a lot of junk purchases that will never fulfill the purpose we purchased them for. So we spend less time anxiously collecting “stuff” and have more time enjoying the beautiful items we purchased. 


4. More Satisfaction - Conscious shopping means we are buying things that have more meaning  to us. If we know the company we bought our cream from helps establish jobs in a third world company, we feel like we are taking part in changing the world for the better. We also feel a sense of satisfaction because we know the company made intentional choices for their product, rather than making up an idea product and then filling it with the cheapest possible materials or ingredients it could source. 

 Alima Pure LIp Colors. Sustainably made, cruelty free.

5. Better Quality - Companies that choose to use high quality ingredients or materials for their products are simply making better products. They set out to bring a product to the market that from concept to consumer they are making a positive impact on the world. When the products we buy are higher quality, we waste less, because they don’t need to be replaced as often. Companies who are making the high quality product know this and go to great lengths to ensure that. Because I am a chocolate lover -One of my favorite examples is French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville NC. They source their own cacao beans, then take the pains to hand sort, roast, grind, and temper them all in their Asheville facility. I know this because I took a tour a few years ago, and had the pleasure to seeing their process. They have upgraded some if their equipment since, but they still ensure the quality is the same. Their bars carry a hefty price tag of $7 a bar, but they are bar far worth the price. Most chocolate companies take essentially chips, melt them, and add interesting ingredients like peppermint, or caramel, then package it and sell it, these companies have little knowledge of who grew their beans, what countries they came from, etc. Comparing the two, we can see the vast difference.

Be Pure Beauty makes intentional conscious choices because we know it makes a difference in a positive way. Not only do we see how our choices in what we sell, impacts our customers bodies by not having to fight the free radicals of toxic ingredients, but also on the community and planet. We love passing this conscious effort along to our customers and seeing the change in the community. We are thrilled by continued progress in society towards the positive change, mindfulness, and conscious efforts to change the way we make and buy our products.