Seven Simple Ingredients - that soothe and balance every skin type

Seven Simple Ingredients - that soothe and balance every skin type

Red, inflamed, irritated skin wether oily or dry is something I encounter a lot as a skin therapist. When preparing to formulate our first skin care product in our HIDDEN FOREST line I wanted to be mindful of one that would be beneficial to most skin types and be packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients that would heal and balance. 


Multipurpose products seem too good to be true in an overly complicated beauty world, where we are told the more steps the better, to get our desired results. In developing THEO Face Wash and Mask I wanted to have something that could be used daily for skin boosting and soothing or for a mask when we have overtaxed it. The 7 simple ingredients are chosen specifically for their benefits of balancing and soothing the skin, and most importantly there are zero fillers. 


Here is the ingredient breakdown with the benefits of each one:


1. Certified Organic Raw Theobroma Cacao - How THEO got it’s name! Raw Cacao vs. Cocoa is Packed with antioxidants and enzymes because it is cold pressed vs cocoa that is roasted in a high heat process. It contains Theobromine, an alkaloid of cacao that is know to have similar effects of caffeine. Stimulating and increasing blood circulation. Raw cacao is also full of antioxidants which fights free radicals like exposure to outdoor pollution.

Organic Raw Theobroma Cacao

2. Organic Coconut Milk - Contains hydrating properties from it’s naturally occurring electrolytes and nourishing because of the vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6 and minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. That’s a lot of goodness! It also contains lauric acid — 50 percent of the fat in coconuts is lauric acid, which has antibacterial and antiviral activities.

Organic Coconut

3. Honey - Naturally it acts as a humectant which means that it works to keep moisture on the skin as well as soothe the skin giving you a healthy glow. It’s gentle for cleansing the skin without stripping the natural oils that our skin needs. With it’s antibacterial and anti fungal properties it’s incredible for acne prone skin as well. Honey is another ingredient that is packed with antioxidants to benefit the skin.


4. Moroccan Red Clay - also known as Rhassoul Clay. It’s known for minimizing pores and the best clay to use for ridding the complexion of blackheads, toning the skin, and to re-balance dry, flaky skin with regular use.


5. Elderberry - (Sambucus Nigra)  This incredible berry is used for immune boosting during cold and flu season because it’s high in Vitamin C and Iron rich and full of antioxidants making it beneficial for the skin. It can be found in syrup form and my favorite rice syrup sweetened drops with zinc to keep my immune system happy.  

Elderberry for skin boosting glow

6. Organic Tulsi Holy Basil - This edible and beautiful herb is antibacterial and anti-fungal. According to Dr Ashutosh Gautam, Clinical Operations and Coordination Manager at Baidyanath “Tulsi has linoleic acid which is extremely beneficial for skin…” Tulsi is traditionally used for balancing, healing, and fighting allergens. It’s an incredible herb. 

Tulsi holy basil

7. Organic Vanilla - not just a delicious and aromatic addition. Vanilla has secret powers for anti-aging due to it’s anti-oxidants. Rich in vitamins, and minerals, and especially vitamin B. All beneficial for enhancing your skin tone.


Each of these seven ingredients are vital for the balancing, soothing, and brightening properties of this face-wash and mask, with zero fillers. It is made with love and science for everybody who is in need of nourishing skin care.