Safe Beauty for Pregnancy

Safe Beauty for Pregnancy

It's been almost six years since I gave birth to my sweet little girl. The memories of what it felt like to carry her have faded some as she grows and changes, but I will never forget the joy I felt knowing that I was about to have a beautiful, magical child in my life, and it was my responsibility to love and nurture her.

Every year I spend time thinking about the process I went through from pregnancy to birth and all the things in between. I had forgotten there is an extensive list of things to avoid while you are pregnant, and how that affected everything I put in my mouth or on my body. One subject that doesn't often come up as often for most is what we are using on our skin. To honor all mamas-to-be out there who are on the lookout for what to avoid to give their little ones the best start, I wanted to share this awesome information provided by Healthy Child Healthy World. 


Avoiding fragrance and chemicals for my body was so important to me, knowing that the baby was affected by everything I put on as well as in my body. I wanted to minimize the chemical load she would carry from the start. If starting the journey feels overwhelming, don't be discouraged. Start with one thing at a time. Weed out any products with the words "fragrance, perfume, and parfum" and you will be off to a good start! 

Tell me some of the things you would avoid during pregnancy...


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