Protecting Skin from Winter Weather

Ahh, winter. Hot cocoa by the fire, walks in winter wonderlands, and…dry, flaky skin? If winter weather plagues your skin with uncomfortable dryness, do yourself a favor and try out some of these protective tips:
Moisturize consistently. The best way to prevent dry, rough skin is to stop if before it starts. Even if your skin doesn’t appear chapped and dry, don’t get lazy with the moisturizer - especially for areas that are frequently exposed to to cold air, like hands. Apply moisturizer right before going to bed and throughout the day as needed for maximum benefits. For all-over moisture, we love C & Co. Body Balm, Lo and Behold Naturals Hand Salveand Herbivore Jasmine Body Oil. For face, try C & Co. Moisturizer or Acure Day and Night Cream.
Stay hydrated. In case you missed our previous post about the importance of getting your H20, let me reiterate: it is impossible to over-emphasize how crucial proper hydration is to your overall health, and especially the health of your skin. Glowing skin outside starts with awesome hydration and nutrition on the inside, so drink that water, beauties! If the thought of a glass of ice water already has you shivering, add some warmer alternatives to the mix, like hot lemon water or herbal (caffeine free) tea.
Pat skin dry rather than rubbing. We’ve all heard this tip for drying our faces after cleansing, especially around the delicate eye area, but you can (and should) apply it to drying skin anywhere on the body. Patting skin gently dry rather than rubbing or scrubbing prevents damage and allows the skin to soak in leftover moisture rather than being totally stripped dry. Be gentle with those towels!

Use warm water instead of hot. This goes for everything from washing your face and hands to showering. Using extremely hot water may feel great after a long, chilly day, but high temperatures can be drying for skin. It’s also not a good idea to take a hot shower and then go immediately out into cold air, as the abrupt change in temperature may cause capillaries to break, creating red marks. 

Use a humidifier. Outdoor cold isn’t the only thing that can dry out skin in winter. Constant exposure to heating indoors can also contribute to dryness. To combat this, try running a humidifier in your home or office a few hours a day. As an added bonus, humidifiers can also be helpful in preventing dry, sore throats, a frequent winter complaint.

So, beauties, do you use any of these tips for keeping skin protected in the cold winter months? Do you have tips of your own we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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