Prim Botanicals Potions and Perfumes

A new package arrived in the mail, and like a little one on Christmas morning, I couldn’t wait to open it…inside was one of my secret obsessions. Natural Perfumes and Potion from Prim Botanicals. 


I may not have confessed it yet, but I am a little obsessed with real perfume. In the witty work of fiction by Tom Robbins  called “Jitterbug Perfume”, he gives the reader some insight into the long process if extracting the botanical oils to make the perfume. Before that read I really only knew the bottled up mass produced perfumes at department stores and felt annoyed I could never find a natural, well made beautiful smelling perfume. So for several years I've been on the hunt for finding “The One”. 


When I discovered Prim, with their potions and perfumes, I swooned a little. I have to highlight their amazing products because they are natural, simple, beautiful, highly potent, and a little cheeky. 


After I opened my package, I did a smell test with my daughter and hubby with their eyes closed. As I opened one bottle at a time, I passed each one under their nose, ask asked which one smelled more like me. It was fun to find that my husband preferred one and my little one preferred the other. (Good thing I bought two!)


The first was Flora Oscura - with notes of wild rose, warm sandalwood, and deep amber.


The second was Mademoiselle Swell - with notes of French neroli, Egyptian jasmine, Sicilian lemon, and Himalayan cedarwood.

 Prim Botanical Perfume

The 5ml bottles might seem too tiny when we are used to huge bottles of “watered” down chemicals, but this stuff is the real deal lovelies. Barely a dot on each arm and near my neck and it is more than sufficient to smell amazing all day. 

The last thing I couldn't wait to try was their Potion No. 2. My dehydrated dry skin is always thirsty for the perfect oil to balance it. The first night, I noticed a happier complextion after using it. It's tiny yet highly effective. 

If you are looking for some amazing Prim perfume oils and want a 10% discount use this link to shop and be a Pure Perfume Beauty! 



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