Perfect Summer Look

This tutorial allows you to use your fingers in a pinch, or for every day if you really don't love using brushes. The trick is to have your eyes primed with concealer to make it stick. If you start with fresh clean skin the colors will wear off quickly.

Prep with concealer Prep with Concealer 

I used 100% Pure in Peach Bisque - Found Here

Breathless Eyeshadow from Alima Pure Start with the lightest color on the inner half of the eyelids blending into the waterline. Then the next darkest eyeshadow on the outer half and corners of the eye lid. 

My choice for the perfect amount of shimmer - Alima Pure -Breathless for the inner half.

                                                                            Alima Pure - Grace for the outer half



Line the Upper lid and gently on the lower lid with a brown liner. I used Alima Pure Natural Definition Eyeliner in Coffee  

To diffuse the line and make a beautiful finish I used a dark Alima Pure Espresso color and blended with my finger along the pencil lines. 

Eyeliner Blending Blending gently with Cappuccino Eyeshadow, be sure not to rub or the liner will come off. 

I finished with Alima Pure Natural Definition Alima Pure Natural Definition MascaraMascara and Honey Lip Colorhow to apply lip color

I also wanted to add a little more color to my cheeks so I use the Mauna Lao Bronzer 

To finish the Melon Blush for a perfect peach tone.  The final result felt warm and sweet, and I loved how the eyeshadows applied with my finger. Most of the time, I recommend brushes, as much as we would all like to be a pro at getting our makeup on, most of us need simple - we need to get our makeup on quickly, because our baby is crying, or we work at 7am.  Tell me what colors you love to use for summer. 

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