On-the-Go Beauty for Your Holiday Travels

On-the-Go Beauty for Your Holiday Travels

Packing well for your holiday travels is both a science and an art. You want to be prepared for any situations you might encounter, but you also want to keep things as light as possible to avoid lugging around excess stuff you don’t need. If you’re flying this holiday season, there’s even more incentive to lighten your load, as not checking a bag can save you a pretty penny. 

So how do you choose what makes the cut and what doesn’t? We’re here to help with some suggestions for our favorite on-the-go travel accessories. All are small enough to slip into your purse, TSA-compliant for your carry-on, and require minimum time and effort to deliver maximum results:

  1. Acure Dark Chocolate + Mint Lip Balm - There’s no worse feeling than being stuck somewhere all day with super-dry lips and not a lip balm to be found, no matter how many times you scrounge the bottom of your bag. Keep this little treasure tucked into the side pocket of your purse for instant on-the-go hydration whenever you need it. The hint of chocolate gives you a little something sweet, and the mint acts as both a lip conditioner and breath-freshener (which, let’s face it, is sometimes crucial on those really long travel days). It’s a win-win!

  2. C & Co Rosemary & Lavender Lotion Bar - So many women face dry, irritated skin during the winter, particularly on the backs of their hands, and this little gem delivers a nourishing moisture barrier to those problem areas while allowing you to keep your fingers and palms lotion-free. Swipe the lotion bar exactly where you need it, replace the cap, and continue on with your activities without having to wait for your hands to dry or wiping off greasy residue. Added bonus: Deeply inhale the scent of rosemary and lavender for a mini aromatherapy session to help keep you calm and focused.

  3. 100% Pure BB Cream - If you want to lighten your makeup bag for your trip, we recommend swapping out your primer, foundation, concealer, and setting powder in exchange for this power-packed little beauty balm. This BB cream has a rich texture that can be applied heavily for full coverage or blended out for lighter coverage - you decide! The buildable formula means you can easily reapply touch-ups as needed with just a squeeze and a couple quick dabs of your finger throughout the day. It’s perfect for on-the-go wear when you don’t have time for multiple steps, but still want to look polished. Plus it offers sun protection, which, yes, you do still need in the winter.

  4. Yarok Feed Your Style Dry Shampoo - We all know a good dry shampoo is a must when going on overnight trips. Even if you shampooed that morning, a long day cooped up in an airplane or car can make you feel greasy - especially if you fidget with your hair a lot while sitting still (guilty as charged). A couple quick shakes of Yarok’s Feed Your Style powder helps diminish the appearance and oil and grime at hair's roots, restoring your volume and healthy shine just in time to step off the plane or out of the car and greet the family!

So, beauties, which of these must-haves made it onto your packing list? Do you have any favorite travel accessories you won't leave home without? We'd love to hear about them!