Natural Hair Removal for Brows and Unwanted Chin Hair

Natural Hair Removal for Brows and Unwanted Chin Hair


 Many of us seek out better ways for hair removal. We’ve tried waxing, tweezing (plucking), and scary chemicals.  Though I have found a few waxes that are almost clean and don't break my skin out, most waxing out there includes parabens in the wax. 

 Just like the other cosmetics we use, I believe all the products we use for beauty should be free of toxic ingredients - even if it’s just on the skin for a sec like hot wax.


In the last two years, I have discovered two totally green ways to remove hair, these two methods have been growing in popularity recently, so you may begin to see many more of these studios popping up. Sugaring and Threading. So lets dive into what these two methods are. 


Sugaring - Using a mixture of pure sugar, lemon juice, and salt a paste is made that is used repeatedly to remove hair on the legs, arms, face, and underarms, without the use of multiple applicators and muslin strips. Here is a video on the process. It’s so awesome. If you have ever used a sugar scrub and enjoyed the lovely glow after, sugaring provides the same skin glow. 

I love it because there are only three ingredients and it never pulls the skin. The only down side, it’s still hair removal. 

 Here is a super great video about sugaring. 


Threading - With one single piece of thread, the esthetician can remove facial hair, shape your brows, and grab those pesky chin hairs. Again there is no heat, no extra materials used, and very little waste. Threading can be a great way to get a little additional exfoliation as well, as the thread passes over the skin it gently exfoliates. Watch this video to see how it works. I don’t recommend going to a place where they place the thread in the mouth, since it can fall out of the mouth of the person performing the service and share bacteria or viruses. 

I have heard of only one downside to threading is that occasionally, there are cuts to the skin if done improperly. So I definitely recommend going somewhere vetted by friends. 

A video to give a peak at how the thread removes the hair. 


 For removing hair on the legs and underarms, sugaring would be the preferred method since threading is best in smaller areas. Both are wonderful alternatives to waxing, and have great results. 

Being a licensed skin therapist, I have been able to learn both techniques and enjoy using them at our beauty bar. 

Have you been sugared or threaded? What was your experience?