Meet Vapour Organic Beauty

When we first found Vapour Organic Beauty we swooned a little. A brand that nurtures the skin as you wear it, we couldn't believe it. A foundation that is waterless means your skin is hydrated all day. So what is used in place of water? 

Nourishing oils like Camellia Seed Oil and the essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh. To see a little more about Vapour Organic Beauty we wanted to share this video about their background, production, and passion.

Vapour Organic Beauty is our Founders Favorite and always makes her feel ready for the day, without a lot of fuss, and with a touch of Alima Pure Setting Powder it stays on all day! Critical for a makeup maven. Click the image below to watch the video. 

You can easily get a color match with us by clicking HERE and filling out the form. 

 Vapour Organic Beauty Video at Be Pure Beauty

Be sure to share this with your besties if they have dry skin or need coverage that is flawless without fuss. What is your current clean beauty crush?

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