Meaningful Gifts That Won't Break the Bank

Meaningful Gifts That Won't Break the Bank

How's your holiday gifting going, beauties? As Christmas approaches, we all have people in our lives we want to honor with a special gift of some kind. But it can be frustrating and exhausting to feel as though we need to spend hours perusing stores and websites, searching for the best deal or the newest trinket to give our friends and family.

Let's not forget - the best things in life really are free. If the traditional "add to cart" strategy has you feeling burned out and disillusioned with holiday gifting, here are a few outside-the-box (literally!) suggestions to help you rethink gifts for those you love this year. Rather than purchase a store-bought gift, you could try any of the following:

Make a charitable donation in honor of someone you love. What better way to express care and thought for a loved one than by choosing a charitable organization they support and offering a gift in their name? This gift is thoughtful, as it shows real consideration for the recipient's passions and interests, and it helps those in need at the same time - win-win! Our two favorites are, which gives 100% of the donations to bringing safe, clean water to everyone. They find funding to run the charity from other sources so they remain transparent to their givers. We also love and support For every purchase you make with Be Pure Beauty, we donate $1 toward the planting of new trees in deforested areas around the world. You can choose where to send your donation by choosing a country at checkout. That $1 goes a long way! 

Offer a free night of babysitting to friends with young kids. What sweeter way to honor someone you love than by giving them the precious gift of time, either to themselves or with their spouse? If you know any hardworking moms who could use some downtime away from their littles for a few hours, either to have a date night with the hubby or maybe just read a book at a coffee shop, why not make a cute babysitting certificate and offer your services? If you're a mama, you know how much this gift will mean to a girlfriend who could use a break.

Write a letter listing all your favorite things about them. This gift is an especially great idea for people whose primary love language is words of affirmation. Sometimes it's easy to assume the people we love know exactly how we feel about them - but how often do we take the time to actually voice all the fondness and admiration we feel for our friends and family? If you want to honor a friend this season, take some time to sincerely think about all the things you appreciate about them, the qualities you admire and seek to emulate, or the ways they inspire you each day - and then write it out. If you want to get really fancy, try writing in calligraphy or typing it up in a pretty font to create a beautiful keepsake. 

Offer an at-home "spa night".  It's true that there's nothing quite like going to the spa and getting a professional facial from a certified skin therapist, but sometimes time and cost can be a factor in making these gifts practical. But if you have some delicious face and body care goodies you love like our THEO chocolate mask or Lo & Behold Jasmine Hibiscus Body Butter, then why not have a girlfriend over for an evening of drinks and DIY facials? You could even throw in a little foot massage and pedicure if you really want to go big. This is a great gift for moms, moms-in-law, and sisters, since it offers both primping and pampering for them and a chance to talk and catch up with some quality time together. It may just become a ritual you want to do on a regular basis!

Beauties, we hope these ideas have you given you the last little inspiration boost you need to get your holiday gifting done with joy. Remember, it's truly the thought that counts, not the price tag - so free yourself from any unhealthy or unrealistic expectations you may be holding onto and choose gifts from the heart, whatever that looks like for you in this season.

Will you be gifting any of the ideas from this list? Do you have other suggestions for free or inexpensive gifts with meaning? We'd love to hear your ideas - share with us in the comments below!

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