Intentional Ways to Reset Each Week

Today's post is by Pure Beauty Contributor Emily Davis! Emily is an avid photographer, foodie, and fashion blogger with a contagious passion for life. She believes in kindness for all (people and animals alike), and loves discovering new ways to live out and promote these values as both a conscious consumer and a creative influencer in the beauty and fashion space. You can follow her adventures over at Epicurean Emily!

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If you’re a Be Pure Beauty follower on Instagram, you probably know that they are big believers in #SelfCareSunday. With the pace of our culture these days, it’s more important than ever to carve out time to recharge and reset on a regular basis. Here are some of my favorite ways to show self-love and self-care every week.


There’s no better feeling than approaching the week ahead with prepared healthy meals and snacks. Meal-planning is an all-weekend event for me. I plan my menu on Thursday, grocery shop on Friday, and prep and cook what I can on Sunday. Some people like to cook everything at once and mix & match the prepared food throughout the week. I prefer to cook a different meal each night, but will usually wash and prepare what I can on Sunday so that I don’t have to come home from work during the week and spend additional time rinsing and chopping before I can begin cooking.

Take a Bath

Enjoying a nice soak is a wonderful way to end the week on a calm note. No matter how much time you have to enjoy a bath, be intentional about using that slot to really devote to relaxation (in other words, no scrolling through social media). If reading eases your senses, then bring a book in with you. I prefer to elevate my bathing experience by lighting candles, listening to quiet, soothing music, and sprucing up the tub with essential oils, bath salts, and flowers.

Plan Outfits for the Week

We all know how rushed we are to get out the door in the morning, so planning out what to wear ahead of time is a great way to feel more prepared and confident every day. Plus, it’s fun to play dress-up and discover different ways to work your closet!


Keeping a journal is a great tool to help with accountability and intention. Whatever you choose to write about, be it your goals for the week or just jotting down your everyday thoughts, taking time to really acknowledge what you’re feeling and experiencing is a great way to nourish your mental and emotional health- both of which are equally as important as physical health!

Do Something that Brings YOU Joy

We are all different people with various interests. Maybe instead of taking a bath, you’d prefer taking a hike. You know yourself better than anyone, so instead of quieting the reasons why you can’t do more of what you love, think of ways to implement your passions into your self-care schedule. Maybe you love to paint, but the weekends are your most precious time to spend with your kids. How about involving the whole family in craft time?! If you’re a movie lover, make it a goal to watch a new film each week (even if you have to break it up into a few sessions to finish it!). Set aside time to do things that truly bring you joy and you will be in for a much more peaceful week. 

Although we all may have different ways to reset and recharge, we must not forget the importance of taking time out of our crazy schedules to do so. Always remember that in order to love others, we must first love ourselves, and that always includes taking care of ourselves! Tell us how you practice self-care in a comment below! 


Our Top Picks to Help You Reset

We love Emily's suggestion of a soothing bath to help calm the mind and slow down the senses.If you're looking for ways to implement a more enjoyable, restorative soak into your routine, check out a few of our favorite bath accompaniments:

  • Sisal Plant Fiber Exfoliating Cloth - perfect for gentle exfoliating, which smooths skin's surface, stimulates blood flow and improves circulation
  • Recover Muscle Salts - These calming salts help soothe aches andsoreness from strenuous activity, like a long hike or intense workout session.
  • Tree Stay Dry Soap Dish - A natural wood soap dish that allows for optimum drainage and drying, keeping your soap firm and sudsy instead of letting it turn into a pile of mush.
  • Calming Calendula Soap - A soothing, lightly floral soap designed to gentle cleanse and leave you feeling refreshed, both in mind and body.

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