3 Keys to Living a Vibrant Life

3 Keys to Living a Vibrant Life

This summer, we are focused on helping you shine and feel your most vibrant - bursting with energy and creativity, doing the things that matter and living life well.
How do we get to this place of abundance? We asked some of our team members what it takes to help them feel their most vibrant. Here are the common threads we found:

Community + Encouragement

"I’m at my most vibrant when I’m surrounded by people who encourage me to be a better person and love me for who I am along the journey." -Alison 

Focusing on Nourishment:

I'm at my most vibrant when I intentionally eat foods that nourish my body and sustain my energy, instead of settling for things that don't fuel me. -Traci


Prioritizing Rest:

“I feel most vibrant when I have practiced self care and rested rather than pushing through.“ -April Manring, Founder 


Your turn - take a moment to answer for yourself. When do you feel your most vibrant?

Share with us your answer in the comments below - then make it a priority to do this thing this week.