You are beautiful.

What was your reaction when you read that sentence? Did you brush past it quickly, wanting to get to the main point? Did objections spring forth from the corners of your mind about why that sentence isn't true? Or did you gloss over it so quickly that you're not even sure how you reacted? Read it again, slowly, and pay close attention to what thoughts and feelings arise in response to it.

You are beautiful.

How do your mind and heart respond to this message? Our hope for you is that your spirit nodded and resounded with, Yes, I am beautiful. Yet for many of us, the ability to accept the truth of our beauty is not yet a reality. For many of us, our reactions may be to deflect or refute this statement. And we may be so conditioned to respond this way that we don't even notice it anymore. This is where the transformative power of mindfulness can help us reshape our thoughts, if only we will allow it to.

Being mindful means simply to be aware or conscious of something.  Join us this week in the challenge to be mindful of the messages we accept and internalize about ourselves and our bodies. When you see a magazine cover with an impossibly thin model, what message goes through your mind? Slow down long enough to notice it. When someone pays you a compliment, what is your automatic response? Do not judge yourself for how you respond. Do not assess whether or not you feel it's "right" or "wrong" - simply notice it. Do you feel embarrassed? Flattered? Validated? Simply observe the feelings.

As we become mindful of the messages we internally send and receive about ourselves, we become more attuned to our self concept. This is the first step toward letting go of any negative thought patterns or responses that are limiting us from experiencing a vibrant, healthy relationship with ourselves.

Beauties, will you take this challenge with us? Remember, the goal is not to force yourself to think differently if you are struggling with negative thoughts. The goal is simply to become mindful of how you see yourself. Through mindfulness, we can begin to see if there are any thoughts we'd like to let go of in order to make room for more compassionate, nourishing, life-giving thoughts. 

Let us know in the comments below if you're joining this mindfulness challenge. If you already practice mindfulness, we'd love to hear how it has changed your life for the better!