How Embracing Healthful Eating Changed My Life

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Raquel Redmond is a registered dietitian and food blogger based in Philadelphia, PA with a passion for helping her clients achieve a balanced lifestyle of carefree nutrition.  She offers nutrition tips, mouth-watering recipes and encouragement for the journey on her site, Sincerely Nourished. We love her positive, no-pressure approach to health and wellness!

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The decision to focus my life and career on nutrition didn’t happen overnight. In high school I started to become interested in cooking through watching many (I mean many) hours of the Food Network. I gradually started to become comfortable in the kitchen and began to love getting creative with recipes. There were plenty of good meals and bad outcomes that I tortured my family with. Through gritted teeth they told me how much they loved every recipe. At this point I wasn’t focused on healthy eating. Then came college.

In college I decided to major in nutrition and let me tell you – I didn’t know what I was getting myself in to! Throughout college I picked up healthy eating habits, began to focus more on fitness and honed in on my cooking style. Graduated and ready for my dietetic internship I moved myself to Philadelphia and settled in to learn even more about nutrition.

Fast forward to now. As a Registered Dietitian I am always under scrutiny for what I’m eating and cooking and doing. I have been creating my eating style since those days when I was watching too much Food Network. My eating style has evolved to fit my life and is flexible enough to know when to listen to my body. Since embracing healthful food and cooking my life has changed for the better. I am in tune with my body and am able to acknowledge that food is meant to fuel my body and my mind. This is tough to achieve!

I feel more energy, I feel more relaxed, I feel more happiness and I can attribute each thing to the balance I get from healthful eating and movement. There is no perfect diet, but choosing healthful foods is rewarding. I feel good when I am fueling my body appropriately and on those days when I want chocolate or potato chips I eat it! I don’t throw all my knowledge of portion sizes out the window, but I indulge and it works for me.

Creating a personal eating style takes time, but there are a few pieces of advice I can provide. Make a mental list of all the healthful foods you enjoy. Add to that list by thinking of recipes or new foods you want to try and begin trying one new thing a week. Pretty soon you’ll have an arsenal of healthful foods and meals that you love! Get creative in the kitchen and listen to your body. Embracing healthful food and cooking has done wonders for my wellbeing. Find me at if you want help creating an eating style that works for you.

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