How Chefs are Inspiring me as a Makeup Artist

How Chefs are Inspiring me as a Makeup Artist

As humans, we love being inspired. Watching the smiles of people listing to a great song for the first time, viewing something beautiful together, (the sun set seems to never get old) is magical.

“Happiness doesn’t mean you have to feel good all the time. It is being interested in things.”

If you want to know what is inspiring me these days outside of the beauty world, it’s the chefs from the Netflix Series "Chef's Table" like Grant Achatz, Enrique Olvera, and Ana Ros. They inspire me not just because of their gastronomic achievements, but also their background, drive, and their personal inspiration of what they are doing and how it is inspiring communities and changing the way people view their own culture and food. If you haven't seen it and you are a foodie, then you can't miss this. Their food is art! On my bucket list for my next anniversary is to visit Alinea in Chicago. It could be described as food art.

The pure beauty of the food they create with passion, thoughtfulness and playfulness brings me to a place where I desire to move forward with my own art, on canvas and on faces. 

My challenge is to give the idea of beauty a new face. To bring love and passion to feeling beautiful from the inside out - even on bad hair and unruly skin days. Women want to feel nurtured and beautiful, every day. That is the goal when you step into the Be Pure Beauty shop, or get your makeup done by me. 

Just for fun... a sneak peak at my latest photo shoot...
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 My love of the face as a canvas and not just focusing on flawless beauty, is what keeps me creative. Thinking about what can be brought out of the person by juxtaposing it with something completely unexpected makes me smile. In my personal journey, creating something striking so that the viewer wants to pause for a moment and really look at the person, as in…not just another pretty face…is where I am impassioned to create. 

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After finishing a month long shoot with an amazing creative team, and women with deep soul, and inspiring stories of passion and delight, I am inspired. Inspired to move forward with my dream, to focus, and to never stop creating and being interested in things.