Benefits of Balsam Fir Oil

This time of year, beautiful evergreen trees (both real and faux) are springing up everywhere, usually decked out in lights, glitz and glamour in celebration of the festive holiday season. In addition to smelling incredible and looking beautiful, balsam oil derived from these beautiful conifer trees also has some amazing health and beauty benefits! Here's a quick look at some of our favorite uses for balsam fir essential oil, must-have for any EO enthusiast!

Soothe sore muscles: Much like peppermint oil, balsam fir oil is a natural analgesic, meaning it can be used to sooth sore muscles and body aches when applied topically with a carrier oil. (As always, be mindful of potential allergies or skin sensitivity when using essential oils topically, and use appropriate carrier oils to avoid over-drying the skin.)

Ease anxiety: Inhaling the scent of fresh balsam is one of the quickest ways to calm anxiety and get a handle on racing thoughts. The earthy, familiar smell is renowned for its grounding and balancing properties, and the effect of feeling close to nature (even if you're inside your office or apartment) will help soothe symptoms of anxiety to make way for some calm and clarity.

Treat small cuts and scrapes: If you prefer natural alternatives to over the counter treatments like Neosporin, balsam fir oil is a solid choice for treating cuts and scrapes topically. Its natural astringent and antiseptic properties help kill germs and protect the site of injury to help decrease the likelihood of infection. 

Beat the winter blues: Many sources tout balsam oil as a natural mood booster and aid in fighting the lethargy and blues that sometimes plague us in the colder months, often called Seasonal Affective Disorder. The vibrant, uplifting scent is said to help promote brighter moods, even on the gloomiest of winter days.

Make the house smell like Christmas: Of course, the simplest and most fun (in my opinion!) use of this wonderful oil is to naturally scent your home for the holidays - no nasty artificial fragrances or filler chemicals needed! Diffusing balsam fir (or really any similar conifer) oil in your EO diffuser will have your home smelling like a winter wonderland in no time, with no worries about what other potential fumes you're releasing into the air. Breathe deeply, and enjoy!

Beauties, is balsam fir oil a part of your EO arsenal? What other scents do you love to diffuse around the holidays for a festive scent? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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