Going Natural: My Deodorant Detox Story

Going Natural: My Deodorant Detox Story

Today's guest post is brought to us by the lovely Lee. She is an avid fashion lover who loves a good glass of wine and a great outfit! She writes about her take on style and life with her southern humor over on her blog, Wine & Couture. We are so thankful for her enthusiasm for trying natural beauty and her transparency in sharing her first-hand account of what it was like to make the switch from conventional, chemical-laden deodorant to an all-natural alternative!


I met April last year at an event and I was blown away by her - #girlboss! I stopped in her store a few times and ended up chatting with her about products. It felt odd to talk with a practical stranger about my sweat glands and body odor, but I stepped out of my box and asked some questions. 

We talked about the harsh chemicals in brands like Secret and Degree (which I had been using). I told April that I tend to sweat through my deodorant and dread the summer. Not to mention all the shirts that got ruined with pit stains. I didn't know what was wrong with my underarms, but I knew it couldn't be normal. Most of my friends have never had a sweat problem. After hearing about my struggles, April suggested I try Schmidt's.

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My Journey to Healthy Underarms

No one will tell you when you switch from yucky deodorant to all natural that you will sweat like a pig in a bacon factory. I am not talking cute sweat either - like, your stomach turns when you smell it! It was hands down the worst experience I have had. I would cry some days because I was so embarrassed. After about a week I wanted to quit and go back to my old deodorant - at least I didn't smell this bad with it. I didn't, though; I decided to search the Internet on what to do. There were only a few articles, which is why I wanted to share my experience. Here are some of the tips that worked well for me:

  • You will sweat, so be prepared! 
    Keep your natural deodorant with you at all times! Switching to natural is a detox for your underarms. You will sweat more than normal and think that the deodorant has failed. It's amazing, but not a miracle worker, and it takes some time to adjust. You will need to clean your pits during the day and reapply deodorant. I did this only a few days once the detox started. (It took about 3 days to start.) Scrub your armpits and when you feel like there isn't any more skin, scrub again. Nasty little bacteria live in your glands; this is the odor you smell with sweat. You need to get rid of these little guys. In the beginning, you may need to wash your underarms twice a day! Morning and night, or your significant other may ban you from the bed.

  • Patience!
    It took over 2 weeks for my detox to be complete, for my pH levels to balance, and for me to get into a routine. I will be honest - I had to trash 3 shirts after my detox.

  • In sweat emergencies, you can use panty liners for sweat catchers.
    On a  few occasions when I would wear a nice top or sweater, I would put a panty liner in the underarm part of the shirt to collect and handle the sweat. This worked wonders, but I still usually had to clean my underarms that night.

  • Natural scrub recipe to get rid of sweat stains:
    1 tsp hydorgen peroxide
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 tiny drop dish soap
    Mix together and apply to clothing. (I use an old tooth brush.) Then wash like normal.

  • My daily routine since switching to natural:
    In my morning shower I scrub with bar soap, then shave, then scrub 2 more times with a wash cloth and body wash. The Sisal wash cloth is perfect for this type of scrubbing. 

That's it!  I have been using natural deodorant for 6 moths now. I still wash my armpits twice in the morning, before shaving, and after. I rarely have to breakdown and apply more deodorant during the day, and my clothes don't have to be washed as often from unkind body odor.

I hope I have given you some useful tools for when you decide to go natural! Hands down, I am so much happier now, and find that I sweat a lot less than I used to with my nasty chemical deodorant!


Have you made the switch to natural? If so, how did it go? And if not yet - what's holding you back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!