How To Recreate Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Makeup Look: with Natural Products

How To Recreate Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Makeup Look: with Natural Products

Each detail of the Royal Wedding is so much fun to savor. When it came to Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle's dress, hair and makeup she certainly hit the perfect note for elegant, understated and breath taking. 

Since you are dying to know what she wore, we recreated her look with totally natural products that will leave you looking like Royalty. Too bad we can't provide the Prince to go with them. 

1. Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation - $68 

Meghan's skin looked flawless. Striking that perfect balance with coverage without covering over your natural radiance is a hard note to strike. Yet with this foundation you can have both coverage and see your adorable freckles through it. 


2. 100% Pure Pretty Naked II Pallet - $45

The Duchess of Sussex had smokey eyes but in the most naturally glamorous way possible. This pallet has the perfect colors to pull off this look by using the lightest eyeshadow as a base. Adding the deeper brown ever so lightly blended into the outer corners and slightly on the crease. Finish the look with the deepest purple brown as a liner under the eyes and along the upper lash line. Then follow with Kjaer Weis Black eyeliner pencil. 

3. Kjaer Weis Black Eye Liner - $30

Line the upper waterline and above the lashes to finish the look - but not too heavy. Keep the line close to the lashes and angle slightly upwards as you get to the outer corner. Smudge lightly with an angled brush dipped in the smokey purple brown of the Pretty Naked Pallet. 

4. 100% Pure Long Lasting Brows - $25

meghan markel natural brow product

No look could be complete without flawless brows. Using an angle brush apply the brow gel in upward strokes following the natural angle of the brows. This will give your brows the polished look without looking too heavy. 

5. The Perfect Pink Cheeks and Lips Kjaer Weis Cheek and Lip Tint- $56

This cream blush goes on perfectly and blends to look like you wake up with those beautiful cheeks every morning. It's so understated and just enough color. Gently blend with a blush brush up the cheek bone, and gently dab on the lips. 

6. 100% Pure Long Lasting Lip Liner in Congac - $22

Royal Wedding Lip Liner

Lip liner is the long forgotten secret weapon for flawless understated lips. Instead of coating the lips with lipstick or gloss you can use this to fill in the lips, it has lasting color and won't smudge when you kiss the groom (prince) 



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