Five things I want my daughter to know as she grows up.

As my little person learns to braid her hair, wants lip color on, and chooses her outfits, I reflect on my own years as a little girl discovering beauty. I had my collection of colorful hair ties, barrettes, and headbands. Then the classic moment of mom’s red lipstick on my lips….aaaand my cheeks, aaaand, potentially the furniture. 

Being a mother to a little girl I have a huge responsibility to give her healthy messages to imprint and carry through life. So here are five things I want her to know as she grows up

1. You are perfectly made - even when we might look imperfect. Messy hair and all. 

2. You are enough. Just being here in my life, right now is enough. Your breath and thoughts, and love are enough. 

3. You are deeply loved - no matter what. Forever. Always. By all (even if it doesn't seem like it) Every Day. 

4. Our bodies are sacred. - adore it as it is. Always. Every bump, freckle, wrinkle and wobbly bit is a part of beautiful you. Only healthy messages and good food to nurture it. Any message about our body that is not positive de-values something beautiful that God made. 

5. Feeling Pretty is Fun. It does not = Vanity. Feeling pretty for fun, for a friend, for a first date, and finally your husband is valuable and is a way to honor the gifts we have been given. Don't ever be afraid to dress up, put on polkadots, wear lace like you mean it. 


April and Little Girl

Those five messages are what I want her to hear. Not me devaluing myself in the morning with "oh my's look at mommies hair today, I look like a mess..." (its been said, sadly) or "wow I look tired." I also made a promise to never ever under any circumstances make a comment about my body (sadly I might think it) but I recognize the impact any negative message makes on her. I want our legacy to be the power of positive adoration, not the burden of bad feelings. So I live into the challenge of continually sending her these messages and hopefully making an impact for her to carry onto her children one day. 

What messages would you share with little girls growing up?



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