Ethical Fashion with Dignity - Brands that are changing lives

Ethical Fashion with Dignity - Brands that are changing lives

A long time ago, there was this longing in me to be more deeply connected to everything I did. I began that journey with discovering more about my food, and then the place I lived in the South. As I became more aware of the cost of producing the food that nourished my body, I still struggled with the disconnect I had with my clothes and other goods I was purchasing. We all kind of know someone makes the things we wear, but we are also accustomed to believing that machines do the majority of the making. 


With clothing and accessories, that is not the case. As I see the green beauty movement gain momentum, I feel so inspired to see parallel growth in the ethical fashion movement. So why is ethical fashion a big deal?


We all remember our first jobs in high school and college. Low paying, and a on the scale of feeling like we were doing meaningful work it would often feel like a zero. Now lets take that zero for how we felt, and add the negatives of a work place where there is no safety regulations, no minimum wage requirements, long hours, and little care for how the clothing is produced, as long as it gets done.

So when I reflect on the people producing the clothing I am buying working long hours for very little it kind of takes away the shininess and excitement of buying something new when I’m not entirely sure where it came from or how it was made. On the flip side, when we have these producers such as Elegantee’s creating clothing with a HUGE purpose behind their profit. Purchasing their lovely clothes means I am participating in their mission. The whole business model supports a system that saves women from sex trafficking. My fibers are being made by someone who has been taken out of a position of compromise and now has purpose and a living wage to give back dignity to their daily life. My dear friend Molly Stillman just collaborated with them in designing the Molly tee, and I love to know who is behind the design! With her huge giving heart, it shows in the beauty of this top!

Here she is modeling it!

Molly Stillman in Elegantees


Just as I feel committed to only purchasing cruelty free cosmetics for Be Pure Beauty, I want to begin to fully commit to cruelty free clothing. I find this positive movement so necessary and wonderful I want to make every effort to support the makers behind it in every way I can. 


Let’s continue this movement. See the links to the ethical brands and retailers I am following. 

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