Stress Headache Fix with Essentail Oils

The first time I was introduced to essential oils it was in an apothecary in England. I'm embarrassed to say I was making a recipe for a "love potion blend" I found in a book, to smell pretty for a rather charming english boyfriend. I had never smelled the extract of rose before, or bergamot. I was clueless on how to use these oils, other than the recipe I was making. So after I used the ten drops, they sat on a shelf for many months. 


Months later after more reading and investigating, I used the oils in a soothing bath. Then, they moved with me several times, and I would occasionally take them out to smell, or dab on. It wasn’t until I went fully green with my beauty routine that I dove in and discovered the healing properties of essential oils. 

I discovered the amazing benefits of German Chamomile and developed a recipe for my own headaches. 

Headache Reliefe Recipe

2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

3 drops of German Chamomile Essential Oil

10 drops of Jojoba Oil

Be sure to use the carrier oil for this like coconut or jojoba because the peppermint can be rather strong on the skin. Also completely avoid the eye area and wash hands well after applying this to the temples and the back of the neck. You wouldn't want to rub this in your eyes either. 


I have to thank Megan Telpher and the amazing Nadine Artemis of Living Libations for giving me a full education on essential oil goodness. Here is a video of her discussing the benefits of Essential Oil Serums for holistic dental care. When I started using these my dental visits were significantly shorter. 



Now I grab my lavender for headaches, fevers, blemishes, and more, my oregano oil when I feel a virus coming on, and my geranium to put in my bath for my tired inflamed overworked body. I have slowly learned the importance of these oils and how they each have a healing property. I also had the pleasure of visiting Lunaroma in Vermont a few years ago and really fell for the true perfume blends made in house. I had been avoiding perfume of any kind until I discovered the blends from Lunaroma. 


In our apothecary we are intentional with not carrying any products with a synthetic fragrance. Which I discuss in a previous blog post about fragrances here. Over the years I have learned about essential oils quality and which ones are best for home use. There are many out there, but few companies are transparent about where they are harvested, and what process they use. I found Young Living Essential Oils, and after lots of research and a friend Molly Stillman sharing with me her visits to the Young Living farms, I found a company that has great high quality oils, and I no longer need to mic and match my oils from different companies. 


You can find out more here. essential oils 

Getting to know essential oils to help our bodies and use on my family for viruses, aches, and of course the dreaded headaches has been a total life blessing. Below are some books that I love about essential oils. 



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