Hi Pure Beauties,
I’m back today to highlight some Be Pure treasures I like to call double-duty products - those all-stars in your makeup bag or bathroom cabinet that are so good, they can be used to do multiple jobs!
Let’s jump right in with one I currently use every day:
  1. 100% Pure Long Last Concealer
Use as both concealer and eye shadow primer!
This was a trick I learned from April the first time I met her at a free beauty workshop she was hosting. As she started applying a beautiful smokey eye to the makeup model, she explained that rather than spend money on a separate eyeshadow primer (which is great for editorial and heavier makeup looks, but un-necessary for light daily makeup), you can easily use your concealer, as long as it’s high quality and a good consistency, by applying it over your eyelids before your shadow to serve as a sturdy and reliable primer that will keep your look shimmering (or not shimmering, for all you matte girls out there) all night with no smudges! 
  1. Alima Pure Satin Matte Eye Shadow in Jave
Use as both eye shadow and brow filler! For those brunettes out there. 
Alima Pure Java Satin Matte Eye Shadow
While we’re on the subject of eyes, let’s not forget about our brows. Taking the time to shape and fill your brows can take an already-gorgeous look to the next level by giving an overall finished, polished look. 
But, did you know there’s no need to purchase a special brow pencil or filler if you already have a good eyeshadow that’s similar to your brow color? I recommend Alima Pure Satin Matte Eye Shadow in Bramble for blondes.
  1. 100% Pure Brightening Scrub + Mask
Use as an exfoliating scrub and…you guessed it, a rejuvenating mask!
This amazing skin-brightening formula from 100% Pure has been carefully formulated to serve two distinct functions: 
First, if you’re looking to treat yourself to a little at-home spa night, use as a nourishing mask. Yummy, rejuvenating ingredients like bearberry, fruit acids, licorice and strawberries (don’t you just want to eat some??) will work to naturally brighten your complexion when left on the skin for a few minutes as a mask.
Second, if you just need a quick exfoliating scrub while going through your normal skincare routine, use in place of your usual cleanser. The tiny jojoba beads will gently buff away dead skin cells so your skin is feeling smooth and fresh in no time flat!
There are so many reasons to love double-duty gems like these - multiple uses for one product means less money spent, less clutter in your makeup bag, and ultimately less waste! That’s a win for your wallet, your sanity and for the environment!
Do you have any favorite products you’ve discovered multiple uses for? If not, which of these double-duty treasures would you love to try? Let us know in the comments below!