How to Have a Positive Body Image

How to Have a Positive Body Image

Today's blog post is written by guest poster Natasha Gillyard. Natasha is a certified counselor currently specializing in helping women and men with eating disorders embrace health, wellness and self-love. She also runs her own mindset coaching business for female entrepreneurs, helping them break through fear and money blocks so they can finally attract their dream clients, make more money, and travel more. We are honored to have her on board as a guest poster and as co-leader of our Love Your Body workshop event happening later this month!


Embracing body positivity comes from forging a new path, and not following the cultural norm.  We have experiences and are bombarded by messages telling us that the beauty we are born with is not enough, and our mindset begins to reflect that.  

If I lost weight, I would be happy.

If I had more curves, I would finally be attractive to that cute person I met or my partner.

If my hair was straighter, I would be up for a promotion at work or start a new job.

If I was taller, I would be more confident.

I wish that my breasts were bigger/smaller.

If I wasn’t ___________, then I wouldn’t be ugly.

There are so many messages around us and inside us that become our stories.  It takes a mindset shift to choose body positivity to love ourselves, so that we not only see and accept our beauty but that we also live intentionally and pursue our desires.  Today I’m going to share three tips to help you do that!


The stories that you have been living can be changed, and to do that you have to release them.  If you find yourself criticizing or comparing yourself, acknowledge it and say “No, that’s not true”.  The stories are lies, and it’s time to call out the lies to let them go.  To release is not just an acknowledgment of an experience, it is also feeling the emotions connected to what you are releasing. The stories may have served a purpose, like protecting you from disappointment or rejection, and it’s ok to let yourself feel that.  However, they are hurtful and dimming your light.  I remember watching Herbal Essence commercials in high school, and wanting hair flipping hair that smelled like tropical sunshine.  I felt inadequate.  All of us have stories to let go.


Get to know yourself.  We often look out to others more than in and to ourselves.  Pick 1-2 qualities that you have (e.g. eyes, hips, skin color).  Set a timer for 2 minutes.  Notice them. Appreciate what the quality allows you to do.  Notice what is unique about it.  Two of my favorite qualities are my thick, curly hair and my arms.  I love how bouncy and springy my curls are, how my highlights show up when I’m in the sun during the Spring and Summer, and how pillowy soft my hair is. I love hugs and how I get to express my joy at seeing the people I care about and my happiness that I am spending time with them.  Having arms helps with that. ;)


Embracing body positivity and letting go of old stories is a mindset shift that takes you out of your comfort zone and into a new one.  That change can be scary and full of setbacks, but if you keep choosing yourself you create a new path that becomes well worn and familiar. I find it helpful to have inspiration around me that supports body positivity.  A few of my favorites are books by authors that are body positive like Hannah Sheats and Lara Isaacson, fun music that leads to a dance party, bubble baths and scented body lotion, and pictures of me and my friends having fun.  Imagine body positivity is your new comfort zone.  It’s possible and you’re worth it.



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What questions do you have about mindset and body positivity?  What is challenging about embracing body positivity?  What would be different for you and the people around you if there was more body positivity?  Let’s support each and change the conversation, so that we are heard and body positivity is typical in the generations after us.  Comment below and join April and me on March 24th for the workshop "Love Your Body"!

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