6 ways to improve your skin this week.

Better Skin Can simple. Start with these 6 steps

Getting the skin you want can sometimes feel like trying another fad diet. Yuck. We are here to help, with advice our great-grandmothers would have given. It's all about balance, and using products with ingredients you can pronounce. Keep reading to get better skin starting this week.  

1. Stick To a Ritual

Having an AM + PM Ritual for your skin is important to keeping it balanced. We often jump from one product to the next without fully testing the available results if we give our ritual at least 4 weeks.

2. Switch to Clean Ingredients.

Many conventional skin care products contain Parabens, BHT, SLS which have research showing negative effects for our skin.

be pure beauty toxin free ingredients

3. Stop Over Exfoliating.

Our skin may be addicted to the exfoliated feeling but it is damaging your skin. Exfoliate no more than twice per week with a gentle exfoliant. Never use a sugar scrub on the face. 

It's best to have a wholistic esthetician review your skin care and products to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit and results. It can be worth the 45 min with a licensed pro to get to know your skin better.

5. Always Tone.

Our skin needs the pH to be a 5.5. Toner aids in keeping it in balance and at the right pH. Be sure to find a toner that fits your skin type.

6. Fall in love with Serum.

Oils and serums are amazing and effective. Choosen over creams that have waxes and emulsifiers to make it well... creamy. A good serum has serious impact with less product.

You can book an online one on one with our esthtician.





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