Whole Body Benefits of an Evening Bath Ritual

Whole Body Benefits of an Evening Bath Ritual


Hot water steaming from the spout. The body with it's expectant knowledge it will soon be enveloped in warmth. The muscles melted by the heat and pressure of the water. The skin caressed by the movement of each molecule. It's a sensual, beautiful experience. Rising from the water after settling into a place that feels like it could encourage peace forever the bather is re-born into the world, cleansed, re-freshed, and calmer. 

Setting Up Your Sanctuary 

  • Low Lighting - If you have the option to turn off or down the lights can encourage the natural production of the hormone melatonin. Also known as the "sleep hormone". This will set your body in the right direction for relaxation. Light a candle if you feel more meditative and want to melt with it.
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  • Bath Soak - Whether it's an organic bath bomb or a special salt soak, these are wonderful for soothing the skin, detoxifying, and assisting in relaxing the muscles. Epsom, baking soda, himalayan salt, or mineral salts with essential oils are perfect ingredients for whole body renewal. 
  • Aroma - Pure essential oils from lavender, frankincense, or even geranium can induce a calm and anti-inflammatory effect that will carry you to rest, as it absorbs into the skin. 
  • Oils - Enveloping the skin in soothing body oil after a bath will bring your experience to completion. The essential fatty acids in body oil will deeply nourish the skin that has been soaked to perfection leaving you ready for bed and calm dreams. 

Salting the Bath 

Salt has been used to preserve food, and to keep from spoiling. It's an essential mineral to life. The use of salt for bathing has been an essential medicinal tool to soothe and preserve the body. Epsom, Mineral, and Himalayan Salts are wonderful for the body. Salts are known for their nourishing, detoxing, and relaxing qualities. 

Epsom - restorative. This salt has magnesium sulfate which is wonderful for the muscles, especially if fatigued by work, stress or exercise. 

Himalayan -  detoxifying. The natural minerals in Himalayan salt balance your pH. Having a balanced pH along with the restorative nature of the minerals can bring you back into a state of true nourishment. 

Dead Sea Salt - nourishing. It contains 21 minerals including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium.

The ritual of a bath belongs to the moments to be savored in our life. Entirely impossible to rush, while immensely enjoyable when we are able to surrender to it's weight, warmth, and healing. 



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