7 Ways to Enjoy Life Unplugged

Today's post is from Pure Beauty Contributor Kayse Renfro. Kayse is a lifestyle blogger, photographer, and all-around passionate creative based in Dallas, TX. You can follow her adventures over at Kayse Blair

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It’s early morning; I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and enjoying the quite of the house. This image of me looking out at the mountains pops into my head. It's relaxing and free. 
It's part of why I like to travel and get away from iPhones, laptops, iPads, e-mail, TV, Netflix…the list can go on. It can be overwhelming.
“The best moments of my life don’t make it to social media!“ - Me
Taking time to unplug can help decrease stress, reduce anxiety, improve relationships and give you an overall increased sense of freedom. I don’t just mean from your devices either. I am talking about unplugging from anything that doesn’t align with our core values and beliefs. 
Unplug from social expectations, schedules and demands and plug back into life, culture, traditions and those who matter. 
Here are seven ways to enjoy life unplugged:
Read a paper book. This is one of my favorites! I love books and find myself reading more and more. Pick up a real book not your ebook and find something that empowers or encourages you. Or sit down and read a book with your kids.
Explore nature. Of course you knew this would be on my list. It's so true though, nature is such a great place to relax. If you feel the need for photos, take your camera, not your phone (I can never have too many beach or mountain photos)!
Make time for creativity. Take a lesson or a class and create something. Make time to pursue your passions. Turn on your favorite music and enjoy doing something you love!
Move your body. Take a walk, a jog, a cycling class or do some yoga. Get up and move!
Pray or meditate. This is really important for me. I am able to tune out all the stress and distractions. Whatever you believe, you need time to get close to your god or divinity. Prayer is a way to give up repeated worry and know that we are deeply loved by God and people.
Journal. I like to call it brain dumping. Take 10 minutes each day and write about anything that is on your mind. It's a great way to see your thoughts clearly and release the junk. End it by writing down something you are grateful for that day. 
Set intentions. Wake up and get ready for your day without checking in online. Set a timer for the amount of time you spend scrolling. Maybe unplug at a certain hour every day and refuse to check your phone until the morning. Others can include no phone at the table, after dark, or when you have guests. Even try going a full day (Sunday) without checking in online. 
Unplugging takes time and it will look different for all of us. You create the rules. This time is for you, not your Instagram followers. 
I would love to hear how you unplug! 
Custom Oil BlendOur recommendations to help you unplug:
We love Kayse's tips for taking time to unplug and re-center. We often find that incorporating sensory elements, like a favorite scent or a soothing song, can help aid relaxation and focus during unplugged moments. We recommend making a soothing playlist with your favorite instrumental songs and creating your own custom essential oil blend to help set the mood for maximum relaxation when you intentionally unplug.  
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