5 Reasons to Use Hair Oil for Healthier Hair

Mentioning putting oil on our hair makes most of us cringe. Even my “first time” I was a little nervous I would never be able to wash it out of my hair, and it would be limp and lifeless for days. However I was incredibly surprised and full of delight after washing my hair only once and conditioning, drying and curling - my hair was happily bouncy and frizz free for the day. This was still March in the south. I did the oil treatment a few more times during the spring and each time was happy with how my hair was changing after being so damaged from highlighting. 


The philosophy behind hair oil is treating the scalp first to get it balanced and healthy. Many of our hair issues begin with an unhealthy scalp including over or under production of sebum, the scalps natural oil. So treating the scalp to get it healthy over time our hair will begin to look and feel better. 


So after falling in love with Yarok FEED YOUR YOUTH I found 5 great uses for Hair Oil. 


1 - Repairing 

Using hair oil as a scalp treatment. Editorial Stylist and Founder of Yarok, Mordechai Alvow and I got to chat back in March about his approach to using FEED YOUR YOUTH hair oil as a scalp treatment. He suggests parting the hair and applying one entire 10ml bottle to the scalp, applying heat ( if at home a steam towel for thirty minutes ) then shampooing. I love to leave mine in overnight to make sure the oil has really soaked in, and then shampooing in the morning. My scalp always feels amazing the next day! Prim Botanicals also has an awesome Hair Serum

2 - Protecting

Sun damage and chlorine wreak havoc on our hair from scalp to ends. Before heading out to the beach or jumping in the pool, applying oil to the hair can act as a protectant so when it’s time to shower and shampoo you are not left with over dry brittle hair. There is also nothing worse than throwing away good color because we let it fade in the sun. So oil before summer outdoor play is a must. 


3 - Styling 

This summer, instead of reaching for beach spays for waves, use hair oil. It’s highly effective at fighting frizz Especially in high humid weather, and it has the added benefit of nutrients coating the hair proteins. Hair oil acts as a heat protectant for they hair. We love YAROK FEED YOUR SHINE and simple Argan Oil can be effective. 


4 - Detangling 

Waking up with the beginnings of a dread lock and trying to comb it out dry can leave the hair damaged and broken, furthering the dread lock issue. To break the cycle apply a decent amount of hair oil the use a wooden comb - NO BRUSHES - to un knot the dreads and then shampoo. This is also amazing for little ones with super fine hair and can’t stand getting it brushed. 


5 - Growing 

If your aim is grow your hair long, then the temptation is often to not cut it. If you extending the length in between cuts, be sure to use hair oil at your ends to stop split ends from forming, thus negating the extra length because the split ends will need to be cut in order to avoid further issues. Certain oil blends can also stimulate hair growth. Mordechai recommends FEED YOUR SUNSHINE. 


Using quality combs and brushes and avoiding boar bristle brushes on wet or damp hair is important to achieving natural shiny hair. 



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