5 Minute Face: The Best Minimalist Makeup Routine.

Today's post is brought to us by one of our lovely Pure Beauty Contributors:

Julia Burge balances her time between being a loving wife, mom to an active 1-year old, working full-time for a Fortune 10 company, and blogging about how it all comes together. We love her creative approach to keeping things simple and minimal and her commitment to self-care in the midst of such a bustling and busy life! You can follow along with her latest adventures at Organizing Motherhood.

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I use 5 products each day to achieve my 5 minute face. 

I believe that my mood for the day is solely determined by how put together I look. I can be having the best day ever but if I don’t feel confident then I just can’t enjoy myself. Before pregnancy, during pregnancy and now with a one year old I never allowed anything to affect my self-care routine. It is the little piece of me that I wanted to hold on to. Luckily for me my approach to makeup is a minimalistic one.  

I really started caring about and wearing makeup in my late 20’s. Back then my mentality was if it’s expensive it must be good. For years I wasted money on expensive designer high end makeup lines. I honestly didn’t know what I was doing so I trusted the sales people to figure it all out for me. However, the more I matured and the more I started looking at makeup as an enhancement tool, I soon realized that the brands I was using didn’t matter as much as the quality of the ingredients. I therefore started focusing my attention on safer and healthier brands for my skin. 

I was truly blessed with a porcelain complexion, not a blemish in sight – no filters needed on my picture just really great lighting. Therefore, my makeup routine didn’t require much effort. However I do work in a very professional environment in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a very superficial part of the world in my opinion. I have to present my best self on a daily basis. Once I settled on my go-to products I created the 5 step approach resulting in my 5 minute face. 

I start each day with a tinted moisturizer which contains sunscreen (applied with a makeup sponge). After I apply that all over my face I use a loose skin matching powder which I apply with a brush. During minute 3 I apply my black lash enhancing mascara. In all honesty I don’t have a go to brand. I tend to use whatever is on sale and whatever I know is waterproof – just in case I rub my eyes or my baby does something cute that I cry about. I do however have a go to brand for my brow definer. I was a product of the 90’s/early 2000’s where plucking your eyebrows was the in thing to do. Unfortunately they never quite grew back in so I use a gel brow enhancer in a lighter color than my hair. It works extremely well and gives a full volume look to my sad brows. Last but not least I finish my 5 minute face with some natural lip bee’s wax. It is natural, tastes great and keeps my lips moist all day long. 

A 5 minute face can be achieved by anyone if you have your go-to products and you know what to apply in what order. It’s a great way to look put together for the workday and beyond. 


We love Julia's minimalist approach to her daily makeup routine. Here are our top product picks to help you create a quick and easy 5-minute, 5-product routine of your own!


1. 100% Pure BB Cream: BB cream is a moisturizing skincare/makeup hybrid that is your primer, SPF, soothing treatment, concealer and foundation in one!

2. Alima Pure Satin Finishing Powder: A loose-mineral finishing powder that imparts a subtle soft-focused, airbrushed finish to your skin. Perfect for all skin types, this powder has a sheer finish and is weightless on the skin.

3. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Black Tea: This 100% natural mascara lengthens, separates, thickens and glosses lashes with fruit pigments while delivering nourishing conditioning treatment in the form of Vitamins E and B5 and oat and wheat proteins.

4. 100% Pure Long Last Brows: Use this multi-tasking brow gel to shape, fill and set brows with soft, natural pigments from cacao beans and tea extracts.

5. Coco Rose Lip Conditioner: Nourishing oils and botanicals soothe and condition lips while delivering a sheer shine that elevates a casual day look while still looking polished and professional.

Do you have a quick daily routine in place like Julia? Share with us your favorite tips for keeping things simple!


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