What is clean beauty?

Clean Beauty

Shopping for a new moisturizer usually involves finding one with a claim that meets our needs. "Hydrating for dry skin"or "oil free" for those of us concerned about acne and clogged pores. However many of us don't turn the bottle around to look at what is actually in our new moisturizer. On some of those labels the backside looks like you need a degree in chemistry to know what the ingredients are. And in fact, you almost do to decipher what the ingredients actually do. For the three good ingredients, there are usually 20 that are only there as stabilizers, preservatives, and fillers to make that product last a long time on the shelf before it's sold and almost a lifetime in your bathroom. It seems like a good thing until we begin to scratch the surface of what the side effects of these chemicals are on our health. Let's not forget that we use/wear at least 7-14 different products daily. So if one product has 25 ingredients with let's name those toxic ingredients "dirty" fragrances, preservatives, and stabilizers, then we have a very large toxic soup upon us friends. 

Let's flip that picture around to the other option. Clean beauty would imply that the list of ingredients you are looking at are there to help your skin, do a small amount of preserving, but with no harmful to our health chemicals. So you ask the question - how do I know the difference if I don't have a degree in chemistry and just really don't want to research every single ingredient? Thankfully with a small amount of research and a lot of smart phone scanning you can find the good stuff without a lot of leg work. If you have a smart phone you can download two helpful apps - THINK DIRTY and EWG Healthy Living to get you on your way. 

Another option is the rule "the less ingredients the better." If you can read the ingredient allowed without sounding like a Kindergartner and have a reasonable understanding of where is comes from, it's likely safe. But to help you further we complied a list below to keep in the back of your mind while you shop to know to leave that product high and dry if you see any of the ingredients below. 

 So what are the toxic ingredients? See the list from the Glam Organic Goddess who has the Dirty 30 list. It includes- 










Many of these ingredients are found in products that are labled natural. So what makes Be Pure Beauty different? We have done the research with EWG Skin Deep and the app Think Dirty to ensure the products we carry are safe and non toxic, and that they don't have any of the Dirty Thirty Ingredients in them. 

Clean beauty also means that there is no cruelty in the making of the products, that there is consideration in the packaging and shipping of the products, and there is a level of transparency for the customer to feel that they can put trust in the brands they love and spend hard earned dollars on. Clean beauty means skin and health changed for the better - forever. No more crashing the immune system with toxic ingredients, no more reactions to questionable products. We want to look good and feel good. They go together and one should not be sacrificed for the other.  You shouldn't have to become a makeup nun because you don't want your skin to itch or burn from your beauty products. Nor should we have to sacrifice our health in order to "feel pretty." We are allowed to have both. 


Our team began the dream of being able to shop without having to flip that pretty product around and checking for the bad stuff, because there is nothing better than knowing what you are purchasing will work and is good for you. We use our research and both rating systems to be sure that all the products you search for on the website or in store will be safe and a THINK DIRTY rated 4 or below. 



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