4 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coffee

4 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coffee

In honor of the return of our best-selling 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Creamtoday I'm sharing four surprising beauty benefits of coffee, one of the world's most popular beverages.

Many of us love savoring that first cup of morning coffee for its amazing taste and energy-boosting effects, but did you know coffee also has some awesome benefits for your hair and skin? Not to mention reusing and recycling your coffee grounds is good for the earth - win/win!

1. Reduce puffy under-eye circles - 
Obviously, this is what our beloved 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream does like magic! Caffeine temporarily constricts blood vessels when applied topically, which translates into gently and safely reduced under-eye swelling - perfect for an early morning pick-me-up - without the mid-morning caffeine crash!

2. Add shine and depth to dark hair - 
Dark-haired beauties, did you know you can use coffee grounds to add some extra shine and dimension to your color? The beauty experts at Prevention Magazine recommend mixing coffee grounds with water into a light paste and working through freshly shampooed hair, then rinsing. The acidity in the coffee helps to seal the cuticle, which means extra shiny locks for you!

3. Gently exfoliate and brighten your face - 
Don't toss out those coffee grounds just yet - did you know you can actually use them as a natural, gentle exfoliant for your face? Simply massage directly onto clean skin or mix with some olive oil or coconut oil for a smooth, luxurious homemade facial scrub!


4. Tighten skin and stimulate blood flow with a body scrub - 
If there are any areas you'd like to see tighter, smoother skin, (or you simply want to feel extra luxurious every once in a while!) consider trying out a homemade body scrub with your next shower! We love this easy DIY recipe from Elle: Simply combine 1 cup coffee grounds, 6 tbsp warm melted coconut oil, and 3 tbsp sea salt or sugar into a jar, mix, and voila! A tightening, delicious-smelling scrub to treat yourself to whenever you want a little extra pampering! 

So there you have it, beauties! Four new ways to enjoy this beloved beverage - even if you're someone who likes the smell, but not the taste, of coffee. Which of these fun coffee treatments will you treat your skin to this week? Let us know in the comments below!