Commandments for Green Beauty

Commandments for clean beauty companies and those of us in the green beauty industry. 

- Never put vanity before health - 

It's wonderful to look pretty, but at what cost to our body. There might be that one  product lurking in your collection you just don't know if you can live without because of the perfect color, or way it goes on... even if it has 10 toxic ingredients. Let your health rein and let it go to make more room for wellness. The products we use should care for our inner and outer wellbeing.

- Worship Not Designer Labels -

Somehow carrying that Marc Jacobs bag, or stating you only wear Dior Show Mascara gives our sense of self worth a boost, until we realize that maybe behind the label there isn't a lot of ethical action from that brand. Let's also be cautious of choosing a "green" beauty brand because it's what is hot, instead of what we need in our repertoire. Choose brands that are cruelty free, and work on sustainability. 

- Know Thy Ingredients - 

When the data bases don't have the latest product on the market in them to tell you a rating, get comfortable being able to identify the dirty 30. It will help you make quicker buying decisions. If you can't remember them, make a note on your smart phone to check when purchasing the new product.

Simple Products with Simple Ingredients

 - Thou Shall Not Take the Word NATURAL in Vain -

Greenwashing is maddening, but it's everywhere. Truly green companies should not be labeling products deceptively or throwing natural on the package if there are any toxic ingredients. As consumers, we must look past the natural label to the ingredients on the back. That's where it matters. Keep demanding truly green products through voting with what products you purchase, companies are starting to get the point. 

- Care for Thyself -

Self-care is vital. Taking time to rest, breath, try a new smoothie recipe, sleep...these things are what make us better happier more balanced beauties. Without this, we physically, mentally, and spiritually begin to come undone. Please pick or buy yourself a bouquet of flowers this week, just to celebrate how beautiful you are. 

- Honor Everyones Beauty -

Seeing everyone as beautiful, and passing on the judgement will heal the great reservoir of self deprecation, and doubt carried by so many women. Everyone has flaws. If the highly paid models we think are flawless are getting photo edited, then we all need a pass to feel beautiful as we were made. 

April Manring


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