30 Day Healthy Skin Juice Cleanse

Ten years ago, I discovered juicing. My then boyfriend now husband of ...ten years! YAY!....bought me my first juicer. The first juice recipe I tried was call Green Lemonade from a book I found at Barnes and Noble called the Raw Food Detox Diet.    by Natalia Rose.

The juice tasted great once I got past the strange green foam and the idea I was drinking greens I had never eaten before ( I grew up on iceberg lettuce), and I felt energized almost immediately. However the rest of my diet didn't co-inside with juicing. I ate a lot of sugar and was still addicted to a lot of processed foods. The green juice certainly helped, but I didn't get to experience the full benefit of it for my skin until I really cleaned up my diet in my 30's. I began to drink green juice daily along with eating fresh greens, veggies, and almost zero processed foods, I also cut out a lot of sugar. Not only was my body super happy, but my skin got a glow from the nutrients I had never seen before.

Since starting a business, for the last six months I have let my juicer collect some dust, and gave into my dark chocolate cravings for stress medicine. After revisiting my diet and questioning why my skin was so dry, I decided that it was time for a juice cleanse friends! I'm into day three, and I have avoided processed foods (anything in a package) meat, dairy, and of course sugar. 

Even three days in, my skin is screaming yes! to the nutrients in the greens, and the vitamins! My inflamed skin, and body swelling has ceased. The red spots I would call the beginnings of rosacea are fading. I'm so happy, I want to dance! I love rediscovering things that kept me healthy and I somehow let completely slip out of my vision. So I'm back on track and juicing like I mean it!

So here are my juicing essentials -

1. My old juicer - Breville Elite Juicer This baby is starting to wear out, and I am ready to make the switch to the slow juicer so I can get more nutrients out of my veggies and fruit. I like that there is less waste with greens with the slow juicers since they press the greens rather than mince them and spit out what juice can be extracted. 

2. Glass Ball Jars - at least four to save the juice I made and the lids keep the juice from leaking out. Very budget friendly. Here is what I drink my juice out of ...Really! 


3. Glass Straws x 2 - I only drink from glass containers and use glass or stainless steel straws because of the integrity of the material and they don't break down the way plastic does. 


4. Of course lots of healthy greens. Here is my go to green juice recipe. 

1 bunch of Kale

1 bunch of romaine

1 green apple (some need the extra sweetness and add a second, however it makes the glycemic value go up to high for me)

2 lemons

1 thumb size pice of fresh ginger

1 whole cucumber

The juice is best fresh, but can be kept in the fridge for a day at the most two. 

I have to give a major shout out to Megan Telpner in this post for her super amazing juice and smoothie recipes in her adorable book Un Diet which has been stored on my i-pad for the last four years. I love her approach and her guidance on super healthy eating for healing. 


I will take photos for each day of this journey to share with you and review the results. After juicing for three days straight, I am hooked again, and refuse to let that juicer get dusty ever. I would love to hear about your juicing experiences, what you love and even the worst juice you have tasted. 


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