Oil Cleansing - Finding the Right Oil for Your Skin Type

First Things First...What is Oil Cleansing


It's the process of cleansing the face with water then oil, in place of harsh sebum stripping soaps and face washes. It has been done for centuries, and with the right oil, it allows your skin to recieve an amazing boost and increase in elasticity. There are a couple ways to wash with oil that I will explain below. It's a matter of choosing which way and oil works for your skin type. 


Oil for cleansing. Oil for moisturizing and nurturing your skin. Oil for balancing acne skin. "Oil? "Wait, oil you say?"

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Like most of us, you have probably been avoiding getting any kind of oil near your skin. If you are imagining what your skin feels like after you have had a slice of pizza or french fries and how it gets that oil slick feeling on your skin...then it feels as if your pores are clogging that very moment...then yes that Is the type of oil we all want to avoid, in our diet and on our visage.


However, using natural oils like argan, marula, and rosehip oils can be very beneficial for your skin, and once you have discovered the new glow you will wish you had used them sooner. Here are my current oils that I use day and night. I love the Phoenix Oil with the Sea Buckthorn in it for healing, and the essential oils in the seriously firming facial serum.

 protective oils for your skin



 I have heard more people share how using oil on their skin has changed it for the better. For me - after battling the invasive Lyme bactieria and taking antibiotics my skin was dry. VERY dry. So when I discovered oil cleansing and using natural oils to care for my skin I was hooked. Of course finding the right one can be a challenge. So I carefully researched all of them, how they work, and which ones work best for different skin types. In my skin care training to become an estitichian I was trained to aid the skin cleansing process with oil and the cleansing cream. Let me emphasise CREAM, because unless you struggle with intense sebum overproduction and enlarged pores, any kind of foaming or astringent cleanser will strip the sebum layer (protective layer) of your skin, and that is where you get the dry effect.  



 Wether you want to use it for cleansing and pre moisturizing, as I do for my very dry skin, or to remove eye makeup, you will notice some amazing changes to your skin even after the first time. It WILL feel clean. Really! If you are in the mature skin years, you will want to run to try this. For acne skin it's even more ideal because it's pure! Acne skin needs the least amount of ingredients, and fragrances to add to the problem of clogged pores, and a likely problem of feeling dry and flaky in one place and shimmery, shiny, slick, in others. 




Which Oils Do I Use?


Great Question. If you are totally new to oil cleansing, then you will find choosing the right oil for your skin to be a challenge. So I will break it down into catagories for you below. 


  • Mature Dry - Marula, 100% Pure Nourishing Facial OilBaoba, Tamanu, Evening Primrose, Avocado

  • Sensitive- Morrocan Argan, Rosehip, Avocado, Coconut 

  • Normal - Argan, Sweet Almond, Olive Oil 

  • Acne- Pumkin Seed Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil

  • Combination- Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil


How Does it Work?


First method- Water then Oil (Splashing)

This method is the most gentle, and ideal for sensitive and mature skin. It is also effective for makeup removal, except for heavier eye makeup. For that I reccomend a gentle cotton muslin fiber  or bamboo cloth. Make sure the water is warm and wet the face. Then take five to ten drops of your choosen oil and gently massage it into the skin. You will see it bead up and your makeup dissolve away. After gently massaging the face (which increases circulation=aniti-aging) begin the removal by gently splashing and massaging the face until you feel the oil has dissolved and your skin feels cleansed. 


Follow up with two-three drops of the same oil to moisturize the skin, and if you have very dry skin (like me) apply your choosen organic moiturizure.


Second Method - Oil Applied to Warm Face Cloth 


For those who are timid about oil cleansing, or have oil to normal skin this is a great way to cleanse and exfoliate in one. Again, a gentle cotton muslin fiber or bamboo cloth is best, even for those of us who love the feeling of exfoliating, it's best to avoid rough wash cloths. Wet your cloth with warm water, and apply five-ten drops of your chosen oil to the cloth. Then use the oiled part of the cloth to gently massage, clean, and exfoliate the face. Be extra gentle around the eye area, as this is the thinnest and most sensitive skin on the face. When you feel your face is thoroughly cleansed, re-wet the non oiled part of the cloth with warm water and wipe away any oil residue. Splash the face several times, and feel your clean skin breath.


note: use one clean face cloth each day as makeup and bacteria will collect 


Follow up with a light oil like 100% Pure Nourishing Facial Oil found in our Shoor go straight to your light organic moisturizer like the Acure Day Cream . If you have very oily skin you might be tempted to skip moisturizing, but even oily skin needs a little moisture.  


To optimize this cleansing experience you can add essential oils to your chosen organic cleansing oil. Essential oils like Lavender and Immortelle can calm inflammation, decrease fine lines, and aid in the healing process for your skin. 


If you have tried everything and are looking for a new way to care for your skin, give the oil cleansing method a try. Have you given oil cleansing a try? What is your favorite oil product? 

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