Starting my wellness journey with food included a lot of smoothies, and juicing to increase my vitamins, and nutritious greens for energy and vitality. I would have never imagined these plants would end up on my face as makeup one day. fruit smoothies to fruit pigmented makeup

Enter 100% Pure in 2005 founded by Susie Wang and Ric Kostic with a goal of making the purest products on the planet. Susie worked in the cosmetics industry before founding 100% Pure and after having a revelation of how to oxidize fruit to make stable pigments for cosmetics. Fruits such as pomegranate, apricot, grapefruit, strawberry, and cacao, are in everything from foundation to lipstick, and these pigments perform. Susie began formulating her own line under the parent company Purity Cosmetics. 


Fruit Pigmented Makeup

We discovered 100% Pure in 2013, and I began testing the products on myself and clients, good results. It worked well for photo shoots, left the skin looking fresh without a caked over makeup look and I consistently hear that it doesn't feel like makeup. Many clients even say their skin feels better than it did. For makeup, this is not the norm. We decided to carry them, and have seen an ever popular following of this cosmetics line. We still review products and ingredients as some products don't meet our ingredient standards, but we love the ones that do, and allow more people with chemical sensitivities to be able to wear makeup. 

The foundation I use daily has apricot, peach, goji berry, white tea extract. Unlike mineral makeup that relies on Mica for pigmentation the fruit pigments give beautiful color, and most importantly leave the skin feeling better and more nourished because it is power packed with the antioxidants. 

They manufacture most products in the USA, and believe in cruelty free cosmetics. We highly recommend this line for anyone who needs gentle synthetic free cosmetics as they transition from synthetics to clean makeup.