Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant - why make the switch?

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant - why make the switch?

No one enjoys knowing that others may be keeping their distance from them because they are emitting an unpleasant odor. Many of us also struggle with the idea of having obvious "pit staining" on our shirts especially if we are trying to impress. So what to do?

Using the word pits is not my favorite, but I must to make my point...Our pits are powerful. They are one of the key places on our bodies we detox through perspiration. So choosing antiperspirants may not be wise if the goal is to let that natural process take place. I also question how effective the anti-(aluminum chloride) in the anti-perspirants really are, after experiencing multiple failures from products that claimed clinical strength, and seeing continued marketing efforts to sell antiperspirants with "prescription" strength to us. Do we really need not perspire?

We don't need to stink by avoiding all deodorants! However, we also don't want to turn to synthetic fragrances to cover up the funk. Products like Axe Body Spray, or the Perfumes and Feminine Body Sprays are highly toxic from the chemical fragrances used to mask the musk. Remember the #1 toxic ingredient in most cosmetics is the fragrance from the neurotoxic effects caused by the chemicals used to make the "perfume".

Thankfully there are dozens of natural deodorants available to us on the market today.

Natural deodorants, containing arrowroot powder (great for absorption) and baking soda (pH balancer, and natural deodorizer) and a small amount of essential oils vs. "fragrance" can be effective at canceling out the unpleasant "hippy b/o" odor we all want to avoid. Especially if you work professionally where you are required to lift your arms like I do when I'm holding a makeup brush to someone's cheeks. There is nothing worse than the person you are paying to make you pretty also making you want to run from your odor. I have to throw in there to anyone who has gone completely au-natural, it's not pleasant, please don't stink.

In an effort to save my fellow pure beauties and hippies from a stinking embarrassment, here is a list of favorites with links!

With Baking Soda 

Schmidt's - carried in the Be Pure Beauty Store - $8.99 

Primal Pit Paste - 


Meow Meow Tweet - 

Without Baking Soda - for those who get rashes from the baking soda

Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free - 


When I was a teen, I used Secret Antiperspirant at least three times a day. Mornings- before school, afternoons - before and after track and field practice, and sometimes evening if I didn't have time for a shower before I went to work. I thought I was helping my body by keeping the sweat and odor under wraps. What I didn't know then, was how much harder I was making my body work to detox naturally through the pores in my underarms. Even though I constantly reapplied, I always struggled with sweat stains anyway, so why did I continue to use antiperspirants? Because of the promise on the label, that I might be sweat free if only I used it enough. Thankfully I know better now, and have made the switch to natural deodorant with baking soda and cocoa butter. My underarms are much happier, and funny enough I also seem to sweat way less! 

After a couple years of making my own natural deodorant at home, I am thankful that there are beautifully effective ones on the market today that have been tried and tested. 

Do you use natural deodorant? Do you make your own, or have one you love? Let me know if there others out there that need to be in the Pure Beauty store.