The Impact Microbeads Have on Our Water

Growing up in L.A. I had the opportunity to go to the beach almost every weekend living only 45 minutes from it. I adored spalshing in the waves and surfing when I got older. The first time I noticed pollution in the water was little bits of tar on the sand and respectively my feet from the oil rigs off the coast. It was gross and impossible to get off of your feet without another petroleum based product -baby oil. Back then, I would have never imagined what a crisis we would be dealing with now trying to clean up the mess created by microbeads.

I LOVE the ocean, the sea creatures, and the mystery's below. So when we decided to support a non profit to reflect our passions, 5Gyers popped up on my radar first. 5Gyers is an organization dedicated to education about the effects of our plastics in our water systems. When they told me about their campaign #beadfree the just launched I was thrilled. Here is a feasible way for us to get involved, since we can't physically go in the ocean and clean up what has already ended up in our marine life. 

So what are these microbeads anyway and why should we be concerned. These tiny plastic beads have been placed in our cosmetics, from facescrubs to hand wash. After you use them, they go down into the water system, and they don't biodegrade. Once in the water system they can often be confused with food by marine life. The fish eating the microbes, is the same fish in your sushi. Remember there is no AWAY. Here is a recent list from of brands that contain microbeads in 2016 

Aveeno - Brightening Daily Scrub
AXE - Scrub with Vit. C
Acne Free - Oil Free Acne Cleanser
Ahava - Dead Sea Water Mineral Body Exfoliating Cleanser

Clean & Clear - Blackhead Eraser Scrub
Aveeno - Active Naturals
Bath & Body Works - 
Pure Paradise 2-in-1 Body Scrub and Wash

The list goes on...but you get the point that a lot of the brands we find at our local drug store contain these contaminates. 

So what to do? Don't by any products that contain the ingredient Polyethylene (PE) which is the ingredient name for tiny-distructive -microbeads. Be sure to only by products that contain jojoba beads, walnut hulls, or pumice, these can be found in our online shop. Like Acure's Brightening Facial Scrub, or the Carrot Facial Scrub from 100% Pure

You can also ditch the dirties by dropping them off and swapping them out at our boutique in Durham to send to 5Gyers as a part of their campaign to educate. Keeping the microbeads out of the water systems, our of our food sources, and our bodies. 


Have you used microbeads? How should we spread the word? 


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